Yes, it is possible to make digital audio sound like vintage vinyl because I just did it!

Sam here again and in my never ending quest to make digital audio sound like vintage vinyl I discovered something.

(1) Vintage vinyl before the digital age has an indescribable sound to my ears a certain stereo-ness ?

(2) New remastered vinyl does not have that stereo-ness that I hear on vintage vinyl?

(3) Digital audio does not have that stereo-ness that I hear on vintage vinyl?

That’s not to say I don’t hear stereo sound from digital audio and remastered vinyl, however I don’t feel the sound like with vintage vinyl ?

That is until I stumbled onto this? I started using a software called isotope rx5 advanced audio editor. This software contains a filter setting called adaptive azimuth alignment now I’m not sure what it does however when I apply the Filter to the digital audio that stereo-ness that I hear with vintage vinyl is present and I now feel the music. (ps) I just discovered that azimuth is used on turntables and tape decks so maybe that's why


Now if you can make your digital azimuth filter settings mimic cartridge tracking a record behavior by changing up and down left and right back and forth in a sort of quasi regular yet randomly varying way then it would be almost like the azimuth of a vintage turntable. 

Also have you tried emulating tracking angle by having L/R phase shift gradually across a track? Or are you trying to reproduce the sound of a vintage linear tracking arm?
Sam here and I'm not sure if they make a plugin that does that and I don't have the knowledge to make one myself? If I could somehow run the audio through a Phono cartridge as an output using a dummy blank record to reproduce tracking except the digital signal would replace the music from the vinyl grooves good call I'll get started.