Yet another Qobuz vs. Tidal debate

I'm not convinced that I'm getting "CD Quality" from either service even though I've paid a premium for it.  In terms of the catalog, Tidal has Qobuz beat hands down.  Not even close IMO.  I like the user interface a little more with Tidal.  Similar artists populate right under the album listings.  However, Tidal is expensive when compared to Qobuz, if you're a long term subscriber. With Qobuz I received a considerable discount with a 1 year subscription.  I was paying $24 month (with taxes inc) for Tidal and that was a year ago. It's probably gone up from that. $300 a year buys a lot of CD's (especially when I usually buy mine used).  Has anyone else been as disillusioned as I am?     
@edcyn, could the trouble be caused by your streamer? My dropouts were the fault of the Bluesound software, not Qobuz.
Just ended my Tidal subscription and am moving onto Qobuz.  Qobuz just sounds a little better on my system.  Little more organic and natural. A tad less electronic if you will.  Not day and night, but enough to cause me to switch. 
I started off with Tidal and have been very happy with them. I have been very happy with Tidal's MQA format also. I just recently subscribed to Qobuz and will keep both until I decide which I prefer. 

I have found also that Tidal with Roon sounds a little better than my CDs and the MQA versions even a little better.  Qobuz is still new to me , so I plan and take my time to compare to Tidal. So far , they both sound about the same with Tidal's MQA and Qobuz' High Rez ,  but it is still early for me. 
I love Qobuz’s sound and the library is pretty good. That said, I also get drop outs using a modern MacBook Pro and wired gigabit internet service.