YG's Sonja 3.3

Thanks to the efforts of the Colorado Audio Society and Duncan Hunter, we had a lovely tour and listening session at YG Acoustics in Arvada, CO. The speakers we heard were Sonja 3.3's powered by beefy Burmaster amps and Soulnote components.

The speakers truly produce a spectacle of sound. They were great to hear. 


I was there but had to leave early - I have geriatric dog at home who freaks out when I'm away, and I was feeling very guilty.  I enjoyed the tour and I listened to a couple of tracks before leaving.  It was a powerful and realistic sound in the very crowded demo room with the Sonya 3.3. I would have liked to have stayed longer, but that system is way beyond my price range.  I'd like to hear the Hailey 3.2 with more affordable amplifiers.  

The one thing that seems to be a consistent issue with YG’s, is their reliance and need for amplifiers that are basically ss brutes. Tubes probably need not apply. Not sure why YG’s are such bears to drive, but one has to remember this if you are planning on adding any of their models to your system.

I'm running AGD Duet monoblock amps (300 wpc at 4 ohms), Playback Designs DAC and streamer, and YG Hailey 2.2.  I connected the amps, DAC and streamer to two solar generators, and with the sound level at about 75 db average, I was only drawing 12 wpc on the amps. I was surprised it was so low as I assumed the YG speakers needed more power. So I tried the Pass INT-25 rated at 50 wpc at 4 ohms), and it also has plenty of power to spare and can drive the Hailey's at high volume.   The room is fairly large but I have the speakers about 7 feet apart, and the listening position is about 7 feet from the speakers, so that might be a factor.