You guys are the greatest!

I'm sorry to interrupt your day but sometimes I've got to say "you engineers are the greatest"!

I just got done listening through another run of "Close to the Edge" (Yes) and man did you guys ever nail it! I'm listening nearfield of course and I had things going front to back and front again that just about ran me over, going way behind me then back up front. You 70's rock engineers are simply amazing.

anyway, that's all, go back to what you were doing, I'm just having a moment here

Michael Green

Have a listen to the jazz recordings made by Rudy Van Gelder for Blue Note in the Fifties and Sixties! 

Hi Michael,

When I get my room sonically sorted, I'll be able the have my collection of every Yes album (vinyl as they were released) do the same for me. I have read every thread you pointed me to, but I'll need an experienced acoustic person to do my new room, to get it right.

oh Yeah, the Rudy special. I know it well.

Some of the best times is when everyone leaves, and you got the place all to yourself.

Michael Green

Hi amg

I'll be happy to help you if you would like. I love opening that stage up, and then I decide how I want to listen. Some guys leave it wide open. I like to listen that way too a lot of times.

I'll set it on repeat (I'm using CD) and I might not come in for the serious listen for a couple of days.

You should join TuneLand and hang out some.

On Close to the edge, a day ago the stage was ok, but still contained, so I moved my player over toward the center of the platform and did a little block move, left it alone for maybe 2 passes, and it (getting goose pimples) was doing things in my writing room that was very cool, so I went in for a listen. Holy smokes!

I love the Rev Combo the way I have it, so easy to tune.

Michael Green

Hi Michael,

This post really caught my eye! I guess I around 1,100 CDs, and of all of them, there were only 4 that I have found unlistenable. they would be"

Joe Jackson- Look Sharp

Derek and the Dominoes - the double album on one disc

Gin Blossoms- first album

Yes- Close to the Edge

The Yes disc was the one that bothered me the most, because I love the music. I had it for many years, and every time I tried to listen to it, I ended up taking it off within a couple of minutes because it sounded so bad. This January, I bought a remastered copy, and it sounds (as you said) great. So happy that it was remastered! It made a huge difference. 

Hi Roxy

Can you imagine a rock collection without Close to the Edge. I'm happy all is well, would drive me crazy not to be able to play it. Sometimes I have to listen to "Close" & "Fragile" within a few days of each other.

have fun!

Michael Green

Roxy you are right about Close to the Edge cd version.  Vinyl is way better.  

which YES remaster? Their catalog has been remastered several times.
Happy Listening!
I think when I bought if off of Amazon it said it had been remastered in 2013. I'm not saying that it's a masterpiece reference recording now, but it's at least fun to listen to. Do you have another to recommend?
I had a 15 gallon aquarium in my house in the 70s, and Yes albums not only fit the back of the thing perfectly, but made excellent fish staging art. All of my Yes albums now have slightly water damaged edges, but it was worth it.