You know it's a great day when...

you go to a local thrift store that you didn’t even know existed and upon checking out, see a box with about 25 sealed LPs and the album on the top is a 180 gram pressing of the Kevin Deal (Cohearent Audio) mastering of Yes’ "Fragile" album. Everything else in that box was totally unknown to me. How much was this prisitine jacketed perfectly flat LP you ask? $5.00!!!! It sounds gorgeous. Guess where I will be stopping once a week from now on?Anyone else have such a totally unexpected find as this?
I bought a pair of Klipsch Heresy Mk1's (oak finish) in excellent condition from my local CT GoodWill. Price: $25 + 6% sales tax! Can anyone here beat that? 

@roberjerman  That's gonna be hard to beat!  They are selling in the $400's now on Ebay.
A friend of mine picked up a nice first pressing mono copy of Sgt Pepper with the pink inner sleeve for £7 at a charity shop whilst on holiday two years ago.

They also had a copy of the Beatles Collection of Oldies But Goldies for the same price. He felt a bit guilty about paying so little for them but sensibly he picked that one up too.

Anyone who’s read Nick Hornby’s brilliant High Fidelity will know of the scene where the narrator is invited round to meet a disgruntled ex wife who’s selling off her cheating husband’s rare and near priceless record collection for a stupidly low price and won’t take any more. After some agonising he refuses to take it, he just can’t do it.

I never did like that scene in the book. I always felt he should have took it because he would appreciate it and  because life’s too short to worry too much about how it got there. 
My first set of Heresys were the Heresy I in raw birch. My ex got them in the divorce. My second pair were also I's but in Walnut. I bought those used and sold them for the same price I paid.
Now I save for Cornwall IV's.