Your Favorite TIDAL Playlists?

I realize that there are a number of Tidal threads here, and a few contain suggestions for playlists and albums. I'm thinking it would be nice if Tidal users could chime in with their best playlist suggestions, gathered here in one place.

A good playlist is "100 tracks 03.04.2015", although I find that one to be all over the map... e.g., a classical number fading into a hip-hop track.  That's not my idea of musical cohesiveness, but it is a goldmine of music I've not yet heard.

Perhaps we could create a thread of our favorite playlists, along with a note as to which genre they best represent... Smooth Jazz, Acoustic Covers, etc.

Here is my Tidal Playlist that I spent over a month to compile.

Mofimadness Master Mix (Title of the Playlist)

I am a Classic Rock junkie, so there’s a lot of late 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and some newer stuff.

My main music interest is Female Vocalists, so lots of that on there.

Hope you guys find stuff you haven’t heard in a long time or heard at all. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite.

I sent this to a couple of my audiophile buddies and they said that their wives commented that it’s the best playlist they’ve ever heard.  Not sure how I feel about that :-)
Thanks for kicking off the suggestions, Mofi.  That looks like a great list!  A real walk down memory lane. And it's always good to revisit Alan Parsons...

I'm going to spin up that playlist while making dinner tonight.

I think I'm going to get to work making some of my own lists to share.
Thanks!  Hope you enjoy it.  If you click on the link above, it only shows the first 50 tracks. The actual playlist is 846 tracks.  Once you go to Tidal to start playing it, it shows all the tracks.
Hey, Mofi --

I'm trying to call up your playlist via the Tidal app on my Mac Mini. Can't find it.

I've searched on "Mofimadness Master Mix" to no avail, and have also tried to key in the part of the URL that might point to it, but no joy.

Can you tell us how to find it in the app rather than via a URL?

Rob, I think you might have to go into the Tidal webplayer first (on your computer) and then save the playlist as a favorite.  Then it will show up on any device of yours that has Tidal under Playlist Favorites.

Click on the link I provided above, then choose "Play In Tidal", then Log In to your Tidal account, then save as a favorite.

Let me know if this works.
Thanks, Mofi. I'll give that a try. I'm about 54 in right now on Chrome. It helped me get through field-stripping a turkey for stock.
Mofi (and for others who might be interested...)

Yes, that worked. I favorited the list while in Chrome, closed Chrome, and then fired up the Tidal app and it worked just fine. Thanks. By the way, I hear a big sonic difference between Chrome and the Tidal app, with the app clearly winning.

April Wine?!  I haven't heard them in years. I grew up in the Montreal area; they were pretty big in the 70s up there.
Sweet, glad that worked.  I use my Sonos Connect for Tidal listening almost exclusively.  I only use the Chrome based webplayer for maintenance.

"Harder...Faster" was one of my favorite albums as a teenager.  Love April Wine.
"I sent this to a couple of my audiophile buddies and they said that their wives commented that it’s the best playlist they’ve ever heard.  Not sure how I feel about that"

It means it's  $**t...!!
Infection... you're saying that women can't have good taste in music? Most women I know have excellent taste in music.

Why don't you listen to it yourself and see.  I think you will be very surprised.  I have a MASSIVE LP collection and have always thought that I have great taste in music.

So far everyone seems to like it.
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Tidal just added a new one called "Country Rock: Sweethearts of the Rodeo".

Artists include: The Eagles, The Byrds, The Band, Gram Parsons, Doobie Brothers, CCR, etc.

Excellent playlist!

If you are interested in trying Tidal, their normal 30 day free trial can be extended to 60 days free is you go through the following link: 

I love Tidal and this makes it even better to try.
I love your playlist bro. Nice mix. Sounds great on my Bowers and Wilkins 800 series 
I created the following 70s and 80s playlists based on year-end Billboard Hot 100 and from


Above Combined
1970s Hits
1980s Hits

Playlist based on Time/Life "Flower Power" aka "Woodstock"

1970s Soul Hits

90s Mix
I think your playlist is great ..testosterone has been know to interfere with brain function !  
This is a great thread guys. Love finding new music.
My playlist is a compilation of tracks that are used to test systems by pros.
Has a nice mix of music from all genres