Your Help with Media Player

I have, let's say, 1TB of music stored on a hard drive; mostly FLAC or WAV. I've been using a Logitech Squeezebox wirelessly to play same but have become frustrated with its unreliability. I'd like to replace it with another very inexpensive devise into which I can plug in the hard drive directly (i.e. not streaming wirelessly or using the computer). Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Cheers, LJ
You can use a tablet. My Samsung has a usb port on it that you can plug an external HD into. You may need to buy an adapter, but its not expensive. If you want to see exactly how its done, there's several videos on youtube.
How do you access your music with the Oppo? From the face, or do you need a monitor?
the oppo looks like very viable, but overkill for me since i don't need its bluray/streaming functions. someone suggested offline something like the western digital wd live media player, which i could connect to my tv and avr, plug in a hard drive and go. could be the tool for the job--anybody used it?
thanks again for the suggestions.
You cannot plug in a hard drive but take a look at the Roku 3 for wireless FLAC streaming.