Your last concert was to see who and when?

Pretty simple, what and when was your last concert?

@slaw - Hey Steve! How was Lucinda? I've seen her, and Buick 6, many times. Some great, some not so great...

Hey Tom. She did her show with a different twist. Told stories of how her songs came to be which was a bonus. Since her stroke, she hasn't gained all functions back but her voice was as strong as I've heard it. Band was super tight.

The Surfrajettes    Several weeks ago in Kansas City at The Record Bar.  Really fun show, small venue.  Talented group 

Errrr Alice Cooper,Rob Zombie, Jones Beach in 2023 i believe it was in August it was a Beautiful evening....

A month ago I saw the San Francisco Symphony (conducted by Esa-Pekka Salonen, choral direction by Jenny Wong, piano by Jean-Yvette Thibaudet) at Davies Symphony Hall do Scriabin’s Prometheus, The Poem of Fire and Bartók’s Duke Bluebeard’s Castle.  
The ensemble was spectacular, the acoustics of the venue left a bit to be desired (2nd tier center there I would never recommend - obviously I was not in an ideal place but it was certainly underwhelming where I was at - between Prometheus and Bluebeard I moved from ‘Premier 2nd Tier’ to a side-box labeled merely ‘2nd Tier’ and experienced notably superior sound) and there was a bit too much tacky technical flibitty-jibbity with the lights and big screens displaying the English translation of the Bluebeard text for my taste.  
The performance of Prometheus was spectacular, albeit somewhat marred for me personally by the persistent noise-making and fidgeting of nearby attendees.  
Afterwards we went to Martuni’s piano bar and I heard some of the best vocalists I’ve ever heard get up and sing all manner of songs, (the piano player was brilliant) seated about three feet away and, especially with the multiple martinis on board and the super-cool vibe of the thing, had a much better time there.