Your last concert was to see who and when?

Pretty simple, what and when was your last concert?
Bill Charlap Trio on May 10 at McCarter Theatre in Princeton, NJ. Bill, with bassist Peter Washington and drummer Kenny Washington, held forth with his jazz interpretations of "great American songbook" favorites in the Berlind auditorium. Melodic, artful, and engaging. A stimulating yet relaxing experience.
Christoph von Dohnanyi/Phila. Orchestra performing Beethoven's 7th and Weber's Clarinet Concerto no. 1.
August 4, 2013 - I saw the Americana tour with: Ryan Bingham, My Morning Jacket, Wilco, (Bob Weir joined both of the above groups as a surprise guest), and Bob Dylan.

And my next concert is Built To Spill in late August of this year.

BTW, it is customary to start off a thread with your answer to your own question.
Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Kurt Rosenwinkel & Christian McBride, 05-24-14
Rbrowne - I envy you. I have Rruga CD and listen to it often. There are world class performers coming to my small village (Joey DeFrancesco, John Mayall, Bill Frisell, Taj Mahal) but not often enough.
Since these concerts took place a few months apart two years ago and I forget which one took place first, it was either ... 1) Rosanne Cash opening for the Jayhawks (Beacon NYC) or 2) Glen Campbell's Farewell Tour (Town Hall NYC).

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Santana at some outdoor pier in NYC back in the 80s. Buddy Miles was singing lead vocals. Graham Lear on drums was terrific. After that, I had no desire to get trampled and possibly shot at NY concert venues.
Probably a local swing band with Elana James (from Hot Club of Cowtown) on fiddle and vocals, Paul Glasse on mandolin and vocals, Terry Hale on bass, and a "nameless" drummer and steel guitar player (he was an ex-Ernest Tubbs sideman). The music was excellent.

I share Elizabeth's sentiments and rarely go to hear live music.
Journey and Steve Miller last Friday. Not my choice and definitely not my cup of tea - but the beer was good and it was a fun night at Hollywood Bowl with friends, mostly crappy music notwithstanding.
Willie Nelson. At 81, he is on tour all summer. At 81, he owns the stage and _leads_ his band. A certified national treasure. I had so much damn fun.
Lorde in Phoenix in April 2014 with my 14 year-old daughter. A powerful singer and solid performer. The future of music looks good with Lorde in it!
Joe Robinson at the University of Akron's Wayne College in Orrville, Ohio on March 16, 2013. He's a "boy wonder" guitarist from Australia who is absolutely phenomenal. If you get a chance to see him play, I would highly recommend it.
Bobby Floyd's trio (Bobby on the B-3, Derek Dicenzo on bass, and Reggie Jackson on drums) weekend before last at Becky Ogden's house in Columbus. Becky opens her home to local musicians regularly, and there is little better than hearing local players with great chops with 30-40 jazz lovers up close. Bobby opened by playing "I Remember You" as an homage to a recently passed local keyboard guy -- Mark Flugge. Two wonderful sets.
Austin gives you a million opportunities to hear bands, known and unknown- standbys include Redd Volkaert at the Continental (where there are some pretty serious jam sessions when other folks are in town); we caught Lady Gaga's act during SXSW- reminded me of the old Madonna shows; Rob Stoner played a nice little jam session at our house in New York back in April; caught Jonny Lang at ACL; now, back in NY, will catch David Lindley over the weekend. A couple of acts that I always try to catch in the smaller clubs: Johnny A; Sara Borges (who we caught during SX); also highly recommend James Hunter, who always hits the Turning Point in NY on his way through. That's it for now.
The concert I've mentioned wasn't really last, but latest. Plan to go for Ian Anderson this October.
My 19 year old daughter playing piano and singing in our house. Her fraternal twin brother trying to keep up on acoustic guitar. About 6 songs. As she is home from university I look forward to more of this.
Jason Isbell, January 2014 at the Barter Theater in Abingdon VA. Kicking band in a great room but the sound boys turned it up to 11 when 8 would have been perfect
Melody Gardot in Philly as far as a reputable show. Wow!!! That was a long time ago.
The Colorado Symphony, Chorus and soloists last week, conducted by Andrew Litton, performing his suite from Porgy & Bess. Amazing.
Steve Tyrell at The Ark-Ann Arbor Mi 4-24-14. He exceeded my expectations with his stage presence and charisma. +1 for Mr.Tyrell and my wife!
Joe Bonamassa in Fayetteville, about 6 months ago. We rarely go to concerts, but had to see this guy live. Tremendous show.
Audiowoman- you should really enjoy Gretchen Peters. I saw her last year about this time and it was one of the best shows I've seen in years.

Going to see Ray LaMontagne next week.
Saw Cyndi Lauper at New Years. Great talent, terrible venue. What a waste.
Audiowoman, I too saw Mary Gauthier recently, at Jammin Java in Vienna Virginia, were you there too? Wasn't/isn't she quite great?

Lucinda Williams last night at the Orange Peel in Asheville, NC. She was amazing, as always. See her if she comes to your town.

I'd love to get your take on the eels show if you'd be willing to post about it.
I saw her at a little listening room in Ashland, VA called Ashland Coffee and Tea. She was fantastic - very funny and talkative too! I've seen Mary a few times now, she just keeps getting better.

Gretchen Peters was great tonight - same venue - very intimate seating and no talking allowed during performances.
Martyk1, it was my first Eels show, I went with two friends who are fans, not their first show. I was impressed on many levels. First was the musicianship of the band; I am/was a drummer and of course gravitate to that member of the lineup, and this guy seems to be a classically-trained percussionist. The band on all levels was top rate, and of course E is very charismatic, was younger and smaller(?) than I had pictured, was very talkative, "approachable", a wonderful instrumentalist himself, very much in command and control of the 4 players with him, a good singer, songwriter, seemed quite likable. I am not being clear her, I would definitely go again to an Ells show, they were pretty great. It was my last and 8th concert in May, and was among the top two or three; that is not faint praise, I tend to go to hear artists I really like, so I get enjoyment and pleasure from most shows. Have you been? This show was only about half sold-out; at the Keswick theater in Glenside PA, a shock to me.

I've seen them a bunch of times over the years, tho not in the last 5 or 6. E (Mark Everett) is kind of unpredictable. I've seen shows where he didn't say a word and others where he was engaging - it's part of the reason I was eager to get your take.

I personally think he's a really gifted songwriter with great command of pop, rock, and folk forms, so I'll always be curious about what he's up to. Thanks for the feedback.
I saw Jamie Cullum on Tuesday night this week at the 930 Club in DC. It is a small venue(1200 people) and a standing room club. WOW...This was perhaps the best concert I have been to in quite some time. Jamie is so talented as is his other 4 band mates. Loves to interact with the audience. They played for over two hours with no breaks...I was doubting if all the standing required prior to and during the concert would be worth it. My wife and I both agreed after that it was well worth the sore feet the next day...
Highly recommended if he comes your way
Phil Lesh and Friends: 5/31, Central Park Summer Stage
Living Colour: 6/1, City Winery (NYC)
Soundgarden: 6/2, Webster Hall (NYC)

Upcoming: Alison Krauss /Willie Nelson: 6/10, Radio City
Primus: 6/28, Stone Pony (Asbury Park, NJ)
Great Springsteen concert in February, Perth Australia. However, was in Lanigan's pub in Kilkenny, Ireland two weeks ago Sunday and was absolutely gobsmacked by two hours plus of music by local group The Kilkennys - their musicsanship was simply outstanding and they played with such drive and soul - totally absorbing. They played a good mix of traditional Irish and contemporary music - even played a Springsteen cover! They tour the USA later this year.

Tommy Emmanuel last September. One of the greatest shows I have ever seen. An amazing guitar player and musician. Don't miss him!
Saw my 8 year old play at a piano recital last night along with two dozen of her friends. Unforgettable show.

I'll also try to catch the Eels tomorrow night in LA and will definitely see World Party in two weeks.
Stanley Clarke, Beachland Ballroom, 1 March 2014, Cleveland OH. A great show in a very small venue by a truly nice guy with awesome talent.