Your shipping wrecks. USPS,FED-EX and UPS

Well the e-bay USPS shipping has fallen apart, and the e-bay Fed-Ex is not much better......A 4000.00 CD player missing for 20 days by USPS, A box of 50 fuses , says delivered , but nobody knows where ???..........2 cartridges and a headshell...delivered today, but nobody knows where ??........You put a tracking number in Fed-Ex all it says is late delivery, and never tells where it is.....So be careful with Christmas Presents..........The only way I can track USPS is go to the Post Office ans have them track it, if I track it all it says is late arrival......
I worked for the USPS and  UPS...they are like 2 different animals. THEY both deliver packages but UPS handles heavier packages .IN the postal service there is no pressure were in UPS there is constant pressure to get the packages delivered. I know first hand.
I ordered the Outlaw RR2160 MKII on 12/23 and got it on 12/28, 6 days.
I wanted to pick it up in Mass. but was told they ship from Utah.
The return address on the label says Easton, Mass.
Wherever it came from it came quickly!
Well after 41 days the CD player shows up at my home in good condition....Now for number 2 shipping mess!!!!   Fed-ex has a 6000.00 item I shipped to California, first mistake ??   The package has been put on the Fed-ex truck every morning for delivery, but when it gets to the shipping address its not on the truck, very morning its put back on the truck for delivery , its the same thing......It never gets delivered.....But there's still hope, maybe ???