z squared any good?

has any one used the au/au gold cables - did a search didn't come up with much- any thoughts on these cables?
I won an auction a while back and I now have three pair of them. I did search the re-sale market and I was confident that I could sell them for much what I paid for them. I am keeping them. They really do sound good. They do require some break-in time and, after a while they do open up and you will probably like them.

They are sealed in clear coating so the gold shines right through and they would certainly make for a very nice present as you share your audiophile hobby.

Go ahead and give them a try; you can probably sell them if you don't want them....but I think you will keep them.
I agree with Unclejeff, I have 2 pairs of the I.C's and they are keepers. They do require a number of hours for break-in. The first 20 hours were not exciting and then it seemed like someone opened the door and they started to come to life. I still only have maybe 40 hours on them and they are sounding better all the time. I am pleased.
I just got the Au/Au gold cables that you ask about and I am extremely impressed in all areas. In the past, I have tried IXOS Custom 4, Monster Cable Interlink 200, 300 and 400 MKIII, Van den Hul D102 MKIII, Audioquest King Cobra and some top of line interconnects from Cardas...nothing compared to the Z squared. You get better depth, detail, soundstage and bass without being forward, harsh, coloured or overblown. This cable has allowed me to not need any upgrades in speaker cable, sourses, or anything else. I am rediscovering my cd collection that consisits of everything from essential jazz and classical to all out heavy metal, thrash and world music. Oh...it's also incredible with dance and hip-hop.

This is my set up in case your interested:

Cd : Technics SL-PG580A
amp: Magnum IA 170
speakers : Paradigm Titan
speaker Cable : Van den Hul CS-122
Powercords : Van den Hul The Mainstream HyBrid and Audioquest NR-G1