Zanden v VAC v VTL

ok chaps & chapesses, here Zanden's 3100 linestage, VTL's 6.5II and VAC's SignatureII pre-amps are being considered.

if you had to pick one, in isolation? for your own system?

and then combined with either VTL's MB-450 monoblocks, or a VAC Phi300.1a, which combo could get your juices flowing?

is there much to be gained by stretching to VAC's statement 450 monoblocks used, instead of a new Phi300?
(although finding a used pair of statement 450's on uk voltage might be a challenge)

the accompanying Zanden power amps are out of budget, so would you partner the 3100 pre with VAC or VTL power amps, or is there too much to be gained by keeping pre-power combos from the same brand?
i admit that right now the Zanden pre and Vac power have got me excited. i could later save for a second Phi300 and go mono, if no used VAC statement450's can be located

should say i am bi-amping with a boulder 2060 taking care of the bass, speakers are Focal Stella Utopias, soon to become Nola Baby Grands c/w the Grand Reference bass towers and electronic crossovers.
music taste is electronic dance music, reggae, dub, drum and bass, house trance and chillout, some dubstep, trip hop techno and good old fashioned folk, plus anything on general release that surprises....james blake, alt-j, rudimental and fluke, i'm looking at you.

no i'm not, i'm listening to you

thanking you