Zaolla Silverline cables, compairsons, choices?

Hello All,

I'm down to finalizing interconnect cables and speaker cable choices. All the choices are overwhelming. I think I'm down to Cardas Golden Reference interconnects, I still don't know. MIT and Cardas brands I'm learning, I think are some of the better choices. Then Silver versus Copper hits me square in the face! A pro audio person I purchased a Bryston 4B SST amp from recommends Zaolla Silverline of interconnects. Another new direction. Silver or copper use technologies or both? Respected Audiophiles, I'm in need of knowledgable info. Silver Strings also has been recently mentioned making a big hit at this years CES.
Thank you all for any and all input. I'm in a ball of twisted cable thoughts :-)
One way to decide is by buying with money back trial. If you like what you hear in your own system then there is no buyer's remorse, by definition.
Because there is always a different sound with every change in even one pair of interconnects, or speaker cables in the same system, there is never 100% agreement in Audiogon discussions.
Perhaps, if you start with a top quality budget wiring ensemble, then you can judge if there is really a significantly better sound for the money, as you go higher in cost. As you know, there is no upper limit to retail prices.
My current favorite for "giant killer" status is whose $120 interconnects, and $170 speaker cables are so affordable that the main deficiency of the products is what I call "reverse sticker shock," where it does not massage the audiophile ego, the way spending more can do.
You'll be pleasantly surprised that the sound quality legitimately belongs in the Big Leagues, and you are able to put all the money you saved into the purchase of lots more great source material.
I own some Zaolla balanced IC's for my field taping rig. They are OK at best, there is no heatshrink over the exposed wire where they solder to the terminal. A cable in this price range & class should have the wires sealed at the terminal, I was dissapointed. Unscrew the connector & inspect for yourself to be certain but I will not purchase again.