Zavfino and Neotech OCC Interconnect

I am looking at some interconnects from these two companies, and was wondering if anybody had experience with both. Looking at the NEI-3001 from Neotech and the Arcadia from Zavfino. If anyone has experience with both of these cables, please chime in. I’m trying to find a cable that is not bright and more neutral sounding.



@audio_is_subjective "Wow" are a bottom end model of IC's from Acoustic Zen; I think maybe he got them and Zavfino confused? I sure would get confused if I had been through that many cables too! 

There are many products on that list that many have settled on as their "end game" choices. I don't think even Jay from Audio Bacon would remember the differences between that many cables. And synergy considerations; you change one cable or component and you almost have to start over again with all the others. 

Having said that he is not the only one touting the Cerious Technologies products- the sale priced $500 Matrix might be comparable to $1000 IC's from the likes of Kubala etc.? maybe @bugredmachine could elaborate and provide a little more details about their sound? 

Hi @temmple,  While I use K-S Realization in my home system, I have found the Zafvino Arcadia interconnects an amazing value in my weekend home.  It is unfair to compare these two, just as it is unfair to compare the Zaffino's to many of these other expensive brands discussed.

For me, I want all copper cables in my resolving systems.  For the money, you can not go wrong with the Zafvino Arcadias.

@temmple TheMusicRoom has these 2 demo Neotech UP-OCC Silver Ribbons


I ended up not liking either. Synergistic research was just too bright in my system, and the audience was better, but still not better than what I had. I think I have found the weak link in my cable setup and it the RCA interconnect.

@audphile1 I am currently leaning towards trying out the Acoustic Zen MATRIX REFERENCE II as I hear that its a warmer sounding IC. Any other I should look into that are on the warm side?

I think you will like thr AZ Matrix Ref II. 
May be someone can chime in about Cardas…could be another option.