Zendo Cables by Mundorf?

Wondering if anyone has tried the new Zendo Cables from Mundorf?
Normally I'd say; "Oh boy, another cable?" but Mundorf has a good reputation so maybe worth a listen. Also, prices seem within reason.
Rja -

I use the "bare" Mundorf Silver/gold wires(i.e. teflon insulated) both as speakers cables and interconnect's(1.5 and 0.5mm respectively), and if they're any precise indication of the sound via the Zendo's, which I'm assuming since they use the same wires, then I can only give them my warmest recommendations. The sound (via different setups) is very natural with a great sense of inner "core" or tightness, highly resoluted and hear-through/transparent, very relaxed/calm and dynamic(or simply non-restricted), and what I'd call with an inherent natural warmth. Overall the sound they contribute is almost simplistic - and that's meant positively. It's kind of a no-fuzz sound, just very pure and informative without in any way being edgy.

I must add the price of silver has sky rocketed these last few months, so maybe you should check out the current prices of the Zendo's? If they're too expensive I'd urge you to try out the "bare" Silver/gold wires.
The Pure Note Designers Edition uses the Mundorf wire which is excellent. Phusis findings agree with my own that this wire is very good but expensive.