Zenn record cleaning machine. Anybody experienced?

I read about the Zenn record cleaning machine made by Zenn Audio in Singapour.

The people that make it used to offer record cleaning services with a keith monks machine and now use this. They say results are better than than with the monks machine.

Anybody have any experience with this machine or heard anything about it?


Here is what I found with a brief Google search.


Basically it "flings" the liquid off rather than suction. I guess I would have to try it to have an opinion.
Well the Monks flings it off too, all over the surface of the unit, the wall anything withing about 2 feet, and the MONKS also Vacumns the disc. Far as I'm concerned there is nothing better.

However parts are a wee bit pricey.

I have one and I think it is a neat idea. The greatest advantage is the near silence of the thing. It sounds as loud as an electric fan..well I guess it is like attaching an LP to an electric fan. I have given up on noisy deafening VPI machines and the noisy Clearaudio Matrix (albeit less noisy than the VPIs).

Although it flings the water off the record, the side walls are tall to catch most of the liquid. I find that the record takes a while to dry but I don't mind since it is near silent.

I love mine but then again YMMV.
Hi Dickson,

I'm thinking of buying this machine. You say that MOST of the liquid is collected - so how much is spilled? I don't want to have to clean records in a cold garage/workshop during the winter months.

Another concern is that the manual cleaning has to be done with the platter spinning at very high speed, which makes it harder to 'massage' the grooves with the cleaning fluid. I suppose the proof is in the listening so would like to know how the results compare with those obtained with the Clearaudio Matrix, in particular.

Another thing consider is that the machine uses a 240 volts motor. not 110 volts. So a step up transformer is needed. Thats an addional $120.00 to use. ( Radio shack Catalog #: 980-0440).
Before anyone actually buys one I think somebody has to state the obvious: this looks like a VERY easy DIY project.