Loved my Zeta arm, I mean I really loved it. 9" is all you  need, at least where I come from. 

What's a couple of degrees of alignment error among friends?  Can you hear alignment error?

That's a definite maybe.

Bold looking shiny Black  MC magic. Had one on my Goldmund, a marriage made in heaven, silky top with bold

bottom.  Slightly romantic and just the ticket for a friendly evening.

Don't forget to catch the end of the lead out groove or you'll wear out your stylus.

fleib, you say "Loved my Zeta arm", past tense. Did it give out on you? The arm is a classic, isn’t it? Nice stiff tube, good bearings, massive, non-resonant design and construction. Medium-to-semi high effective moving mass, great for slightly lower-than-average compliance pickups. I use it with my Londons.

Give out?  It's built like a med mass tank.  The early models had 4 bearings, but all the rest were 5.  Tell you the truth I couldn't hear any difference. I think it might have been for longevity. 

Had it on a Studietto, but gave it up in a move.


Ah, that explains the tense. I'll have to look at mine, to see if it has four or five bearings. Mine came missing one of the counterweight inserts, so I put in some lead weights in it's place. A great idea, the adjustable counterweight mass via inserts.