Zoom Handy Recorder Series

Hope this is an appropriate section for this question.


I have owned for a few years a H1N Zoom Handy Recorder unit.


I am in a band and i like to record our practice sessions and gigs to help us improve.


I’ve been happy to a point but i am aware that this unit is entry level in the Handy Recorder series and the X/Y condenser mics on this model have a reputation for being noisy.


I decided to upgrade to the next model the H2N - but after trying the H2N out a few times it think the H1N gives me better results!

My question is is it worth me upgrading to the higher tier models in this range - the H4N Pro or the H5N?

I’m no expert on this and I am feeling burned after getting the H2N model and getting no improvement in the quality of the recordings over the original H1N whatsoever.


Any comments/advice appreciated.