Zu Definition Pro - Please comment, room/shipping


I am thinking about buying a pair of Zu Definition Pro speakers to my living room and I would love some comments before I purchase these.

1) I live in Sweden and what company is good to use when
shipping speakers from USA to Europe?

The speakers weigh 125 lbs each in the boxes. The box
dimensions are 52" high 20" deep and 20" wide.

2)I measured the distance from the wall towhere I sit and
where the wall is and it´s around 11-13feet. What
distance from the walls do you recommend with the pros?
This is what it looks like at home (more things will be
added offcourse :) Am I crazy to that kind of speakers in
my livingroom? I know it is easy to buy too big speakers.


3) Anything else I should think about?


Sebastian- I used Zu Def Pro for more than a year and loved them. Your room is large enough as long as you can separate the speakers about 8 feet apart or more and place them at least 10 feet away from listening position. Proximity to walls is not a problem but keeping them at least 2 feet from sidewalls is advisable.
Do you know that they have to be bi-amped and that an outboard crossover is needed?

For shipping quotes you should contact shippers and ask them.

The speakers are exceptional and will reward you handsomely if you don't mind the complexity necessary to power them.
A dbx Drive Rack might be a good choice for crossover. I had the Rane PEQ 55 that Zu recommended but many other users switched to the dbx and raved about it as an upgrade.
Hi Akatora,

Your links are timing out for me, so I can't see what your room looks like. But if Macro says the big Zus will work in your room, I'm sure they will.

As for shipping companies, I go first to freightquote.com in situations like this, but you'll probably have to open an account with them. Or perhaps Zu or whoever you are buying from can check with them.

If you want to do air freight instead of surface (ocean), you can also contact airlines to see what their rates are, airport-to-airport.

Your English is quite good, by the way. You don't even have an accent.

There are european dealers of Zu. You better off buying in Europe, cheaper transportation cost and you do not have to pay custom.