Zu Druid Cable Question

I've made the decision to order the Druids and will be driving them with an Onix sp3 at 38 wpc (approx.) As a budget buyer, I also build my own cable using the Belden 10 AWG. and premium Banana plugs.

Would you suggest I spend alot more for the Zu Cable? or will I have only marginal improvement? I'm certainly not a golden ear, and my hearing falls off dramatically in the lower woofer range and upper mid to tweeter. But still great thru the mids for my favorite listening of vocals and accoustic guitars.

Thanks all
Stick with your Belden for a start. Get real friendly with your Druids. Listen to oodles of tunes that you are real familiar with. You have 60 days to listen before your moneyback guarnatee expires. If you start with the Druids, as well as their cables, you won't have a referent. Then, after living and loving your Druds: go from there. I don't think you are going to want to change your speaker cable. Source, amp, maybe? No golden ears? You're a lucky guy. That may save you oodles. If you find that you are not happy with your Druids, it won't be due to your speaker cable. fwiw. peace, warren

btw, I use their Ibis cable with my Definitions. Remarkable, pariculary at very low listening volumes.
I have listened to mine with the Zu WAX, Libtec, and Ibis. I enjoyed them with all, but there is a definite improvement in performance as you move up from the different levels.

Keep an eye out on ebay, Zu regularly has the Wax cables for auction. If you want the others, you have to purchase directly from Zu, or buy used.
There is a pair of used Ibis for sale here on Agon for $550. IMHO This would be a great upgrade.
Thanks to Warrenh and Ton1313. I've decided to spend alot of the break-in time with the Belden cable as well as Anticable. I will post a follow-up after as the burn-in progresses.

Along with the Onix amp I will be using an Eastsound CD-E5 as a source.
Fasten your seatbelt. You're in for a wonderful ride with those Druids. Enjoy and keep us posted. peace, warren :)
There were a number of useful posts in this thread that are now missing. My thanks to those of you who stayed on point and offered useful information. I've learned a great deal about my Onix SP3, tubes and accoustics which was the reason for the original post.

The update - The Druid break-in has passed 75 hours and there have been 4 significant modifications as suggested by agon'rs to correct the upper vocal issues. 1)Toe in is best when the cones are lasered into the sweet spot. Dispersion is better than other speakers in my collection even at the wrong position. 2) Tube change to the Mullard 12ax7 Reissue (I realize this was not NOS and I'm looking for that replacement now) 3) Burn-in time to 150 hours will probably yeild about 95% of the full potential. 4) Room treatment was nearly complete last night with a studio foam kit. The results are striking as far as room accoustics - it's as if I was listening with my hands cupped around my ears before. Now the sound has a greater presence and intimacy with much less listener fatigue.
I do apologize for the lack of an audiophile vocabulary.
Give me a little more break-in time.

I've also learned how interesting it is that Warrenh is the only post remaining? Warren was one of the biggest offenders for not staying on point so I'm not sure what the elimination criteria would be.

However, thanks to all who previously posted the useful information. Dealers who spin a thread may or may not offer useful information. At least one forwarded useful link re: room accoustics.

Peace All
ouch! I'm sorry 'bout digressing on your thread, but it's the nature of the beast on the 'gon. Things get crazy sometimes. Personalities before principles, unfortunately. You are new to the 'gon, so you will see as time goes on. You did get some killer advice. Cobra213/Phil was the most eloquent and dead on. You can always give him a call. He's very user friendly and patient. I bought my SET from him and he gave me oodles of info about the my Zu Definition 1.5s back in January. Sit back and enjoy your tunes and let us know down the audio highway how you're doing. I promise to stay on task...peace, warren :)