Zu Druid V Owners


Are there any Druid V owners out there who have experience of the Speakon connection?
Hi there,
I own a pair of the DruidV and use the Speakon connection with Zu Libtec wires. Haven't tried the conventional connection.
Hi Early,

I have tried the binding posts on the Druid V's and also the Cardas to Speakon adapter, with a couple of different cables (Mogami 2972 bare wire connections and Libtec crimped spades both ends), the Libtec was much more open and transparant.
Using a set of Libtec with the Speakon (in comparison to the crimped spade Libtec) was like removing a thick curtain from in front of the speakers, the music was more incisive, faster, more tone and texture was revealed, which made the whole much more effortless.

If you don't mind me asking - what amplification and source components you use?



Hi James
Yeah the most direct path from amp to speaker seems the best.
I own the Audion 845 Back Shadow monos, Audion pre, McCormack UDP, MHDT Stockholm DAC, and a heavily modded (by Zu) Technics SL1200 with Zu/Denon 103 cartridge, and mostly Zu Event cables and cords.
I live in Southern Oregon, where do you reside?
Hi Scott,

The Zu direct path to the speakers is certainly outstanding.

I am in Manchester UK.

The Audion amps are certainly one to investigate. I am currently using a 20 year old $150.00 CDP into a Primaluna Prologue 2 (Mullard NOS tubes up front with Svetlana EL34's output tubes) into the V's.
Zu Wylde interconnect and Zu Libtec speaker cables.

I am certainly interested in the Audion amps, would like to hear the Black Shadows (BS) again, and the Golden Dreams correctly tubed and set up (based on Phils comments about them), but keep putting it off, as I am more than happy with my system as it is (don't want to go listening to something that I cannot afford at this present time).

I have heard the stock BS MK2's into Druid IV's and stock Druid V's using the binding posts (I have the Dueland caps in my Druid V's) but the BS's were going through their initial burn in (and the dealers insistence that a pre-amp wasn't needed), so it wasn't really a fair demonstration to make a comment on.

The V's are to my ears, outstanding, music through them is just so engaging and completely effortless. Sean and all at Zu have done an excellent job with the reincarnation of the Druid speaker. Having owned the IV-2008's for 5 years, I was always of the opinion that these couldn't be bettered, but Sean has pulled it off again and improved the Druid beyond expectation (my expectations at least).

Did you own Zu speakers before the Druid V's?


Lots of positives regarding Audion gear. I've heard several amps In addition to those I own. They are lively, fast, and work. I bought a set of KR tubes for my Black Shadows and feel they are worth the cost (they have a great video of how they make them) in that they add more air and detail over the very good and inexpensive Shuguang 845B.
I didn't enjoy the sound direct from some pretty good DACs vs the Audion pre.
I have listened to optimized Def4s with Audion amps several times and they are spectacular.

Cost and my smallish room were factors in going with the DruidV. A set of Zu Undertone subs have gone a long way in narrowing the gap between the Druid and Def. I love em with the Druid!
Sean and Zu are always improving their stuff and pass those improvements along to their customers.
Owned Harbeth SH5 and AudioNote ANe, and both were enjoyable neither is as emotional as Zus
I have the Druids V and Sean was nice enough to convert my speaker cables with b3 speakon connectors. I wasn't expecting much but, I noticed the tonal balance became more organic with richer textures.
I don't hear more detail but the presentation sounds more natural and smoother.
I'm very happy with these new Druids. They play music wonderful and Sean and co. are great to deal with!

Agree with your findings with the B3 speakon connectors, much more natural and effortless.

Sean and all the guys/gals at Zu are superb to deal with.