Zu Omen or Tekton Lore

Best floorstanders under $999 for low power SET amp?

B rodgers

The SET amps have a lot more trancient attack than the high powered digital amp.

And the mids are smooooth. With plenty of detail. But the fact remains that these 98db speakers are born with an SET in mind.

I think it might be a step in the right direction.
Just sayin.
i've had the Lore since mid November and have put around 400 hours on them. they are driven by 250 SS watts fed by a ModWright pre and various digital front ends. i considered the Omen but bought the Lore, without hearing them after speaking with Eric, because of the perfectly benign 8 ohm impedance and front port design. my rig is in a 25x16x8 room, long wall setup, Cardas arrangement in a 9 ft equilateral triangle.

this is my first venture into high sensitivity speakers. other current speakers include ProAc and Silverline. i considered my other speakers a bit too 'polite' for much of the rock music i like to listen to at higher volumes. the Lore do not disappoint, they rock. the soundstage is as wide as the recording allows, the imaging and coherence is there, there is plenty of detail without being artificial.

i also have an el34 tube amp and an Peachtree idecco but have not tried either yet because i'm happy with the current setup. i would like to try a SET but am in no hurry.

the Lore certain does R&B, jazz, new age, electronica, ambient with equal ease. my son is a guitarist and music engineer, he says the Lore does guitar better than any of the other speakers i own.

as usual, YMMV depending on your room, system and ears. but for me, the $850 has turned out to be a boon given it is easily the least expensive component i own.

I'm highly interested in the Lore. Any more opinions on this speaker from recent buyers?
Zman -can't wait to hear about your impressions of the Lore. Congrats on your new speakers.