Tekton Double Impacts

Anybody out there heard these??

I have dedicated audio room 14.5x20.5x9 ft.  Currently have Marantz Reference CD/Intergrated paired to Magnepan 1.7's with REL T-7 subs.  For the vast majority of music I love this system.  The only nit pick is that it is lacking/limited in covering say below 35 hz or so.  For the first time actually buzzed the panel with an organ sacd. Bummer.  Thought of upgrading subs to rythmicks but then I will need to high pass the 1.7's.  Really don't want to deal with that approach.

Enter the Double Impacts.  Many interesting things here.  Would certainly have a different set of strengths here.  Dynamics, claimed bottom octave coverage in one package, suspect a good match to current electronics.

I've read all the threads here so we do not need to rehash that.  Just wondering if others out there have FIRST HAND experience with these or other Tekton speakers

Corelli, these speakers have just come to my attention and am very interested in them as well so am hoping that we get some good feedback from your thread. I am looking at the Double Impact as a replacement for a set of Wilson Audio Sophia 1s that I am very happy with but the price for the Double Impacts are so down to earth that they can not be ignored.

I have the very first pair of Double Impacts made and have been enjoying them for months now. They are seemless from top to bottom, have some of the best bass I've heard in a speaker, throw a huge soundstage, are very dynamic and have liquid mids with very detailed and airy highs. I've owned Vandersteen 3a's, Revel Salons, Magnepan 1.7i's and Legacy Audio Focus SE's and while they were all great speakers the Double Impacts are my fav. I was leery that a $3000 speaker could perform so well, but after comparing them side by side with the Legacys they won me over. If you're looking for a very musical speaker that disappears behind a huge wall of live sound, the Double Impacts are well worth looking at. FWIW, I drive them with a 24 watt Decware tube amp.
mac, thanks for your helpful comments.  That's an impressive array of speakers you have owned and good to know the DI's are such a well rounded performer.  I'm not a believer in "the best" of anything.  But it does sound like the DI's are balanced performers.  One question--is there anything you really miss about the 1.7's that the DI's don't bring to the table?
Corelli, it's difficult comparing the DI's to the Maggie's as they are such differant animals and it's all about personal preferences. The Maggie's were amazing with such stunning detail and with how they totally disappear. What they lacked for me was dynamics, which Tektons excell at. At the time I had the Odyssey Candela pre with their Kismet Monoblocks. They drove the Maggie's well but compared to the Tekton Enzo's I had at the time they lacked that dynamic slam I was looking for.

Since then my tastes have gravitated  towards high efficiency speakers with low powered tube amps.......I was looking to move to a 300B SET amp until I came across the Linear Tube Audio ZOTL 40. With high powered SS amps the DI's are dynamic giants but I've fallen in love with the NOS tube sound and the DI's sound amazingly good with them. With either low powered tube or high powered SS amps the DI's will provide much musical pleasure. 

So while I loved the sound of the Maggie's, I don't miss anything about them especially since I've taken the smaller tube amp route. Hope that answers your question. 
Very helpful and consistent with what I've experienced with the 1.7's and read about the DI's.  Thanks for your advice.
Hi Mac,
Would you be interested in trying the Coincident Frankenstein MK II SET  (8 watts) with your speakers to determine how compatible they may be?
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Terry definitely is crazy about the speakers! I have heard them at his house and they are a ridiculous bargain! They are huge and good and only 3k! Great deal for the audio community.

Can anyone comment on their patented design and how its sound differs from "standard " dynamic speakers?
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Hi Charles,

Sorry for taking so long to respond, I lost track of this thread. I doubt the Frankensteins would drive the DI's well, but I'd love to hear them together. While the DI's are rated at 98.6 db sensitivity as Israel Blume points out that only tells part of the story in how easy a speaker is to drive. I'm thinking with their four way design and possibly erratic impedence curve, they are more difficult to drive than Coincident speakers. Someday I hope to have an all Coincident system but finances dictate another route for now. My Decware Torii sounds great as long as I don't push it too hard which limits the volume, so I'm going to try the Linear Tube Audio pre and amp as I have heard them on the DI's and they came very close to the Frankensteins with the Super Victorys I heard a while back......a VERY realistic live sound, as if the performers were in the room performing. As a matter of fact, Terry Londons upcoming review of the DI's should be with the Linear Tube Audio MZ2-S pre and ZOTL 40 amp as they are in his reference system. 

Kalali, I had the Tekon Enzo's without the new patent and thought they sounded great. I really can't discern any difference that the patent might add.....that doesn't mean it's not doing so. 
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reference 99

Can anyone go to the Chicago Audio Society meeting. I live in a far western suburb of Chicago and am not a member but I sire would love to the chance to hear both the Tekton Double Impacts and the Maggie 3.7's.
Good point, if this speaker has a challenging impedance characteristics then the Frankenstein wouldn’t be the best amplifier choice. The Linear Tube Audio amplifiers seems a more suitable option. If 48025 is your zip code you can’t be far from me, 48323. I was going to offer you an opportunity to try mine. Another factor  is that your speakers are 4 ohm (I looked it up)  and my Frankensteins have only 8 and 16 ohm taps (my system speakers are 14 ohm nominal).
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All the unscientific claims and BS about mass similar to that of the instrument which made the sound is quite comical. Talks about a Fender jazz bass guitar...isn’t it electric? Speaking of cone mass, his woofers look like ordinary Eminence pro stuff, I am sure they are fine but doubt they are the gold standard. Maybe it’s the flux capacitors he is using?

As with all audio products the most important question/ criteria is how does it sound? Advertising, marketing and white papers are clearly secondary concerns. Listening determines the  true quality and value of an audio product.  If this Tekton speaker sounds good then one has to conclude that the chosen drivers are wisely selected. 

If a speaker utilizes exotic and expensive drivers and yet it sounds less than good then their pedigree and expense are irrelevant. 
I agree with both of you.  If it were my choice I wouldn't promote my speakers based on this patent or hype suggesting all other speakers are now obsolete.  It just undermines ones credibility and some might even find it a tad insulting.  I also understand he is a small fish in a big pond trying to set himself apart in an effort to market his product.

Now if the speaker sounds as great as many of the posts suggest, I don't really give two hoots about the fuzzy patent stuff.  Might pull the trigger on this today.  Worst case is I'm out $300 shipping in exchange for two months playing with a new toy.  We all find less enjoyable ways in this hobby to part with that sum!

Hello neighbor. It really is a small world. How kind of you to offer try your Frankensteins. They are my end goal amps but I would need new speakers for them. I'm enjoying the DI's too much to let them go at this point. I'll probably keep them for my theater system. I can't afford the Coincident speakers this year so going with the Linear Tube Audio gear will get me a good way of the way there. You're more than welcome to take a listen......even if it's a step down from what you're used to listening to! 

Im with you Corelli, the boastful patent claims are over the top to me but it's the results that count and I've been more than pleased with both of the Tekton speakers I've owned. 
My review on the Double Impacts has been submitted to my editor at hometheaterreview.com and hopefully will be put up in the next couple of weeks.  This speaker is shocking in regard to its overall performance, and when you put in its price it's one of the greatest bargains that I know of in high-end audio.  Remember not just great for the money, this is a reference level speaker that competes with anything on the market today.  Laugh if you want about Eric's explanation of his patient, my ears let me know he has created a beautiful musical speaker that sounds different in certain ways then other designs.

I may end up with this speaker.  It would be placed in a large casual room not unlike a play room.  If somehow the space below the lower midrange and above the upper woofer could have been smaller I would have tried it in my somewhat smaller family room (still good size).  At 54" size will be a consideration for my applications.  I have always wanted a multi driver large speaker.


have you heard the Pendragon before the Double Impact? I know your review is coming out but if you have heard both I was hoping you could give us a mini comparison. One I guess is do you think the Double Impact is better and in what areas. 

Put in the order today.  Added the upgraded caps, wiring, connector package.

 Kind of crazy how this hobby has evolved over the years. Remember how I assembled by first system after only much careful A-B' ing various speakers, etc. Assembled a Pioneer SX-636, EV Interface B's, Pioneer PL-112D and Shure M91E.  Could have done much worse for a kid in high school.

Now we read review after review online and purchase often expensive equipment without ever a listen.  But you know what--it's still a lot of fun.  And I'm often impressed with how well we can still make an informed choice.

Let's hope for more of the same.
I look forward to reading your review as I’ve come to appreciate your truthful non BS reports and impressions.

I agree with your decision to upgrade to better parts and wire as these aspects really do matter. Higher quality always pays off in the long term.

Hi Mac, I’d like to hear your terrific system once you receive the Linear Tube Audio amplifiers. Just let me know when you have some time.
Given teajay's exceptionally high praise of these speakers and the fact that you have 2 very fine amplifiers you likely have more quality than you realize. 
In case anyone is curious, Mr. Alexander's patent that is cited in the DI description can be found here.  Although after reading its 14 pages I'd have to say that it doesn't provide a great deal more information than what is stated at the Tekton website.

Also, for those who may consider how much amplifier power is desirable for use with this speaker, it should be kept in mind that given its 4 ohm nominal impedance the stated sensitivity of 98.82 db/2.83 volts/1 meter is equivalent to 95.82 db/1 watt/1 meter.  That follows from the fact that while 2.83 volts into 8 ohms corresponds to 1 watt, 2.83 volts into 4 ohms corresponds to 2 watts.  That distinction is particularly relevant in the case of tube amps, which in most cases cannot supply more power into 4 ohms than into 8 ohms.

Corelli, best of luck with your purchase.

-- Al
Hi Mofogo,

I never liked the Pendragon  model.  I know it was called the "Wilson killer" because it was voiced like that company's house sound.  Kinda in your face, potent bass, and I hated that Focal sourced tweeter.  The Pendragon would be great in home theater systems or for folks who want to play loud, like your at a rock concert.

The Double Impact is a qualitative shift from sounding like an analytical/electrical device to beautiful tonality/timbres, 3D imaging, all the micro-details without the etch found in many very detailed speakers.  I won't go into all the details, but I think you get the message, I found the Pendragon Speakers annoying to listen to, and bought a pair of up-graded Double Impact Speakers.

A final note, the Double Impact are so transparent/neutral you will hear the signature of what ever you drive them with.  The magic I'm getting with them is being produced by a Concert Fidelity hybrid -040 DAC and  Tube Linear Audio's combo of the MicroZOTL preamp and the ZOTL-40 amplifier. Just beautiful sound is reproduced in this system
"Analytical/electrical device" Yep, I know where you're coming from.  Many speakers that seem to aspire to an ultra detailed/uber resolution presentation fail to sound natural and realistic. For a 3000.00 USD  speaker to get it right is quite an accomplishment. Sounds as if this may be Tekton's best effort to date. 
Appreciate your frank comments on the Pendragon/DI comparison.  I always become a bit uneasy when someone loves every speaker of a given brand ( especially one as diverse as the Tekton line). You're mentioning many of the traits I'm looking for in my next speaker.  Gettin' a bit more excited.  How  significant did you find the break in period to be with this speaker?
I've had the Double Impacts for several months now, and can verify what's already been said about them. Excellent speakers at this price-point, with superb bass control and detail, stunning almost eerie midrange. Live recordings and vocals particularly come alive on them. With a decent amp and excellent source--like an Yggdrasil dac--they will play pretty much anything well. Piano enthusiasts should take note of these speakers as they sound phenomenal with classical piano recordings. Burn-in period on my speakers was about 30 hours, after that they opened-up very nicely. Best bang-for-the-buck in audio that I have come across.
Teajay, your impressions of the DI's are spot on with mine. I still had my Legacy Audio Focus SE's when I recieved my DI's and spent 3 weeks with both until deciding to sell the Legacys. Many couldnt believe I preferred the DI's over such a good speaker, but I did and do. Next I'll be adding the Linear Tube Audio MZ2-S pre amp and ZOTL 40 amp and I thank you for your great review of both. While I love my Decware Torii mkIV it limits me to SPL readings of lower to mid 70db before sounding strained and harsh. Sometimes I like to listen a bit louder and I'll also like the extra headroom the ZOTL 40 will bring......along with its beautiful live musical sound. Can't wait to read your review of the DI's with the LTA gear and finally hear a professional extol the virtues of the DI's as I've been doing since getting mine last September. 

Charles, once my LTA gear is in place and burned in I'll give you a shout to come and listen. My system sounds quite good now but the LTA gear should take it to the next level......maybe close enough to the 300B SET sound to make me happy for life! 

I agree totally with Jeff's assessment. Break in is quite quick with subtle improvements occurring up to about 100 hours. I was using the Yggy DAC to great effect until getting the PS Audio Perfectwave transport and DAC. Tekton and Schiit are two of the best audio values out there.

LASTLY, as good as the DI's are has anyone seen Tektons new line of PMD speakers? Three Professional Monitor Designs priced at $10k, $20k and $40k a pair. Tekton is venturing into stratified air with these. Can they really sound that much better to justify the increased price? If so they will be unbelievable!
did you listen to any rock / metal on the Double Impact? Did they do well with less than perfect recordings? My listening tastes are varied but rock / metal is a big staple. 
mac4825, you can see further above that I am considering the Double Impacts.  I have to say that I had not seen the PMDs on their website until you pointed it out.  The advertising braggadocio really has turned me off. 
Hey Mofojo,

My own taste in music revolves around jazz from the late forties until the early seventies (Blue Note, Impluse, Prestige, West coast labels).  However, for reviewing proposes I used many hard funk, and rock records to evaluate the DI's performance regarding dynamics/punch and they handled with ease anything I throw at them.   The DI did not make rotten recorded music sound great, however it still drew out the best of what could be done with these recordings.

For mac48025

I believe that Linear Tube Audio is also one of the greatest bargains in high-end audio along with the DI speakers.  David Berning is another genius and how Mark has brought his design to the market for regular folks who could not afford Berning's much more expensive line is a blessing for music lovers (Just like Eric's DI speakers) .  Believe me, based on a lot of listening experience the ZOTL pair is as good as anything out there.  Think of the color/timbres of a 300B amplifier with the balls, speed, and kick of a 845 tube!  And for tube gear its dead quite.
Hello All - Not to barge in with a sales pitch, but just to keep you in the loop...

Audio Archon is an authorized dealer for Tekton Designs in the Chicago area.  We are working with Eric Alexander from Tekton to have upgraded versions of their wonderful speakers here to audition.  The base models will be sold through Tekton direct and the upgraded versions through dealers.

We expect to have our "upgraded" Double Impacts here shortly.

 In addition, we are an authorized dealer for Linear Tube Audio (ZOTL) and also some top quality 300b SET amps.  So if interested to hear the Tekton speakers, we can put together a nice combination for the audition.

As mentioned (disclaimer)...WE ARE A DEALER. :o)

Audio Archon

" I had the Tekon Enzo's without the new patent and thought they sounded great. I really can't discern any difference that the patent might add..."

Not sure what you're saying here. You couldn't hear the difference between the Enzo and the DI? I'm sure that's not what you meant; but what is? Do I smell an opportunity to save $1400?

It sounds to me that the Linear Tube Audio products with my Double Impacts will be a very formidable combination. Your reviews of the micro ZOTL and ZOTL 40 went a long way towards me making my decision to go with them. I thank you for that. And you're right, together with the DI's it might not just be one of the best audio values around but maybe one of the best systems out there. I can't wait to add the Linear Tube Audio amps to my system and I'm sure your upcoming DI review will only have me chomping at the bit even more! 


You're a distributor for both Tekton and LTA? Sweet. I just might have to make the trip from the Motor City to the Windy City to check your place out. When you say you'll have the "upgraded" Double Impacts do you mean a PMD version? While I wont ever be spending the $30k plus they will probably go for, it would be interesting to hear them.  I would think for ten times the cost they must have more than just upgraded drivers and cross overs.......maybe a totally new cabinet with substantial bracing? Inquiring minds want to know :)


I'm not a fan of the boastful claims either but I wouldn't let that stop me from getting some amazing speakers and an unbelievable price. Eric has a lot of reason to be boastful, even if I prefer a more modest approach. I would recommend that you ignore the website claims and concentrate on the claims of those who have heard the speakers. While those of us that own the DI's are equally boastful, it's more palatable than one tooting his own horn :) 

sorry for the confusion, that's not what I meant at all. While the Enzo's are a great speaker they are not in the same league as the DI's. I only meant I could not detect any discernible sound attributed just to the new patent. It certainly may be there, I just couldn't detect a distinctive sound signature  difference between the pre patent Enzo's and the post patent DI. Having said that the DI's do you everything better than the Enzo's from a deeper, tighter bass to their naturally organic liquid mids to their airier highs. There is more micro and macro detail, a larger sound stage and more precise imaging. The DI's disappear behind a seemless wall of sound and that's easy to become lost within. While I loved the Enzo's, the DI's take things to a whole new level and are well worth the extra $1400. Hope that clears things up.
The claims on the website adhere to the P.T. Barnum school of thought - There's a sucker born every minute.


I would ignore the over the top hype marketing talk and just judge the DI purely on its sonic merits. Based on a very creditable reviewer and actual owner feedback , this is far more important. It's difficult to find a really good natural sounding speaker at any price. For 3K dollars it seems this is a very special speaker. It could potentially serve you well for many happy years , long after you've forgotten the over hyped commentary. Think value and long term satisfaction. Let your ears and brain decide.


Let's not let this thread get buried in the  pros and cons of marketing. Much more valuable to me are the thoughts of independent thinkers that have experience with the DI's.

Spent my Saturday at Home Depot buying $300 worth of mdf to enhance my dedicated listening room.  Maybe I'll post a pic when it's all done if I can figure out how to do that.

Rotarius,  truth is in the listening.  Reminds me of when I was 18 and some fly by night speaker outfit offered speakers that were SPEC-tacular.
Brought them home and my EV Interface B's shamed them.  Thank goodness I trusted my 18 year old ears.  Returned them.

In spite of your (and mine) uneasiness with marketing, I'll be surprised if these get returned based on so much consistent commentary regarding the DI's.
I'm a complete noob here when it's come to hifi but I'm interested in these. I have the opportunity to audition the golden ear triton 1s which I've seen reviews say they are great value for the money I'm just  wondering how they compare to each other? 
Rotarius, truth is in the listening. Reminds me of when I was 18 and some
fly by night speaker outfit offered speakers that were SPEC-tacular.
Brought them home and my EV Interface B's shamed them. Thank
goodness I trusted my 18 year old ears. Returned them.
The point is why would you want to give money to a guy who puts out pseudoscience and lies?  There are plenty of people who have been shafted by this guy and have posted online about his business ethics.  Just google it and see for yourself.  
I am merely pointing out the facts, easily verifiable.  This is important to some of us here to make an informed decision.


I don't own Tekton products but based on comments from owners on this and other threads I've read they seem quite happy with their speakers and dealings with Tekton. Who are the "plenty" people who've been shafted? What will ultimately determine the success or failure of this or any company is the quality/performance of the product and customer service. I get the impression Tekton is doing pretty well with both aspects.


rotaries, I googled and found only one complaint, which funny enough was someone on A'gon, whose pair had mismatched woofer colors.  He later explains he loves their sound and has bought two or three pairs since then.  Maybe I misunderstood your post, but I found no complaints about Tekton other than the one.
The only negative thing I can say about Tekton is that they were slow to ship the grills I ordered for my speakers. My conversations with Eric Alexander over the past few months have been quite informative, with very little BS. I ended up getting some of his Enzo 2.7's for my home theater setup. Quite good speakers for the money, though the Double Impacts best them.
rotarius, it's very irresponsible to post baseless comments and badmouth someone without any proof. You sound just like someone else we all know...
I have owned 2 pairs of Eric's speakers, still own one pair. Without question great value for the money. I spoke to Eric on the phone several times and was impressed, seems like a real good guy.

Someone in this thread is posting not about pseudo science and lies, not about bad business practices, but about ideological differences. I think it's time for him to either post about the true nature of his issue with Eric or not post in this thread.

Just sayin'