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Anyone heard the Classic audio 1.4
hi. i've been running a pair for several years. they're pretty versatile. is there anything specific you'd like to know about them? 
Hum level with Absolare amps
hi Luna, I have owned & have run Lamm ML2.1 with my speakers (Classic Audio T-1.4) which have field coil modified TAD drivers.I've tried 2 other SET amps on my speakers (Kondo Ongaku, Shindo Lafon GM-70). each pairing has its own merit, but it... 
Hum level with Absolare amps
not in agreement with Czarivey. I run a pair of 98dB/w/m, 16ohm nominal impedance horns with 2 x 15" woofer per channel. I've experimented with a number of SETs amps. best overall match went to a pair of 60wpc OTL amps - even though these cost sig... 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
Lavry Gold. used by top music studios all around the world. 
Large Room which speakers?
i have a pair of Horning Eufrodite speakers. they like to be away from the walls & generally sound "larger" than they look (if that makes any sense to you). having said that, the room i have them in is only about half the size of yours, so YMMV. 
Micro SX-8000 II or SZ-1
hi Peterayer, the same case (ie. speed instability) could technically be made if a turntable's motor, table & flywheel all rested on a single platform or shelf.it's important to consider if motor, table, flywheel, & platform(s) beneath tur... 
Micro SX-8000 II or SZ-1
hi Thuchan, sorry to revive an old thread. was wondering if I could get your thoughts/opinions on various flywheel configurations with Micro SX tables.I have a Micro HS-80 flywheel & agree this helps "stabilize the sound picture". my platter s... 
Why so many cut Nordost Odins?
also... some of the long (custom ordered) lengths are too large to fit inside the standard wooden box. 
Why so many cut Nordost Odins?
many of these "boxless cables" were previously dealer demos. they should be identical to the ones in boxes... 
Strange subsonic rumble problem?
have you checked if your FR66s arm is properly grounded? 
Isolation platforms for turntables
Altanpsx,Vibraplane platforms come in passive & active-air isolation versions. both have limitations from a practical point of view. the cheaper passive version relies on a hand-pump to manually pump & level the unit's internal air reservo... 
Why so many cut Nordost Odins?
original Odins have a wooden block (with engraved logo & serial no.) as well as logo-printed heat-shrink at connectors. sure, these can be "knocked off" - just as it'd be possible to knock off the orig. packaging - if one was determined enough... 
Vibraplane question
place your tt on it , then pump it up (use a bubble-level to make sure the platform is level if weight is skewed towards one side or another).top of platform should be just slightly less than fully extended.don't worry abt over pressurizing. 
Calling all Panzerholz Aficionados
i have a d.i.y. rack with 4 x 20mm thick Panzerholz B25 shelves, & a double-thick (40mm) top-shelf.top-shelf supports nearly 350lbs (Vibraplane 2210 + Micro Seiki SX5000 t/t with mods, motor & HS80 flywheel).i've not done comparisons / do ... 
Micro Seiki, or TW AC-1
i've owned TW AC-1 & currently own Micro SX-5000 (air bearing version of RX-5000).both exhibit unique characteristics in my system (i've run 3 diff arms on both). TW generally sounds more "hifi" (slightly hyped-up leading edge & timbre/ton...