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Used PS Audio Items
JINXXXX ... not 4 months later, my phono preamp went south. When I shipped it to PS Audio for service after 10 days their message said "your ($1000) preamp cannot be repaired" but we will sell you another, our latest model, for $1500. No explanati... 
Used PS Audio Items
Oh and they sent me a free remote when I needed it. Nice!  
Used PS Audio Items
I currently am using a PS Audio Amplifier, Preamp, Phono preamp, and Headphone amp and would recommend their products to anyone! The amp is an HCA-2, 150 watts @8, and Stereophile Class A. I sold my Krell and kept the PS, I just liked the sound b... 
Bedini BA-801 schematic?
I've emailed Bedini twice with no answer yet ... can't find a working phone#. I signed up for their newsletter, I'll let you know if I find the schematic. 
Bedini BA-801 schematic?
Thanks, no luck there. 
High WAF, simple, integrated amplifier
Music Hall A25.2 is the logical choice. Runs about $375 used, no disappointments on this one. Huge value for little $. 
Anyone had hum issue with Creek 5350se Integrated?
thanks - that's helpful 
Swans Swan D2.1SE and M1
I have the D2.1SE and love them. I'm driving them with my 100wpc (class A) Audire Parlando & Adcom GFP-750 (passive) with a Denon 1650AR cdp and the sound is fantastic. I also run a sub of my own design but you might be plenty happy without on... 
Passive subwoofer...huh???
NHT makes a couple of nice little sub amps that are stand-alone units with adjustable volume, crossover etc. which would make your connections really easy. Try Ebay if not here on Agon 
Rawson Resale......
I bought one of Tim's Pass clones last year. If you can find a better NEW amp (class A!) for $300, buy it. My money says you can't. I may end up selling mine too, but that's what some of us with this hobby do. We enjoy trying out different compone... 
Crunch time:used preamps $500
If you can find one, an n.e.w. P-3 is an excellent sounding class A single-ended triode unit that sells for about $500. 
best rock voices
You guys are overlooking SAMMY HAGAR, perhaps the greatest rock voice ever. Sure a lot of his songs are cheesy, but that voice... ! Roger Daltry certainly is up there but not as consistant ... Steven Tyler. 
I saw Pearl Jam last night...
Pearl Jam is irrelevant anyway... they haven't made a good record since the first one. posers. 
Sony PSX-60 turntable - dead or alive?
Jameswei - you are the man. I bought a new Stanton 681EEE type 3 and the vinyl bliss is back. Thanks for helping me out. 
What music do you want to play really loud?
Too Rolling Stoned/Robin Trower, Rough Boys/Pete Townshend, Lunch with Gina/Steely Dan, Back Seat Rythm/AC\DC, Message of Love/A Band of Gypsys, Elevation/U2..........