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Tidal not working on mac mini
thank you jond. I did, but still the same error (unable to log on)Update: after hours of waiting and resubmitting all the info I sent last night here is a copy of the email I received from support ( an email that is just the letter d) - so frustra... 
Tidal not working on mac mini
by the way the tidal support is very frustrating. After explaining the problem in detail including the fact that I could access it from my phone and the computer through the internet the "support guy" said oh no problem I have reset your password.... 
Best Loudspeakers for Rich Timbre?
Dave or Tory (or both)This post is not ridiculous, cd318 is expressing what many of us have experienced. Most speakers sound artificial regardless of what is fed to them. In my experience some speakers are capable of sounding like a human voice or... 
What's the most overrated or overpriced piece of equipment you own, have owned or come by?
I wasn't going to participate but I must strongly disagree with starboard, the Yggdrasil beats anything I have demoed in my home, including, Resolution Audio, Chord, dcs. To answer the original post, I hated a pair of Merlin VSMs I bought in 2001 ... 
Time to blast off from Rhea
I compared the Rhea to the Manley Chinook and bought the Manley, in my system for my taste it was really no contest. 
...just wondering
I have to say I am skeptical of many of VPI's upgrades, many seem to contradict their previous upgrade revelations. Maybe Im just bitter, I was never satisfied with my Aeries and spending more on upgrades never solved my problems. 
best internet radio ?
I believe MOG is the highest resolution streaming music site. I have a sonos system through an Empirical syncro-mesh reclocker out to my dac and it sounds very good. If the computer is next to the stereo you will have many more options. 
on my way... please advise
Jtral,A Mcintosh c2300 with a MC275 and a pair of Devore nines. 
Best tube pre-amps under $1,000
Audible Illusions L1 or L2 
Harbeth vs. Reynaud
In the right room Offrandes are about as good as Ive ever heard. 
sleeper tube integrateds suggestion wanted
Have you listened and compared other amps that use 6550s kt88s etc? Typically they do things differently than the el34s you are used to. Of cousre the circut, transformers caps and input tubes have as much or more to do with the overall sound but ... 
Telefunken sound good???
the AI is a great preamp with Amperex, Mullard,Telefunkin, etc. Not good at all with Russians in my opinion, but what is? I got many hours from my AI with 1960's Mullards 
Sony SCD-777es as transport?
Alex,my cdd has died, I need a new transport for my bidat, could you share which transport you chose.Thanks 
Tube amp for "difficult" speakers,,,
I dont have personal experience with your speakers but I have pretty inefficent speakers myself and have owned the Rm9 (not special edition) and Vac ren 70/70 both great amps but were a little lifless compared to the manleys my experience is that ... 
Tube amp for "difficult" speakers,,,
listen to some manley neo classic 500s or older reference 500s I dont think some of the other suggestions on this thread will drive your speakers adequately