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Target Stands
You might want to take a look at some of these. I have the HF-4-BS and it does a good job.StudioTechRegards,Todd 
Best phono preamp in the $ 1000 to $ 2000 range ?
Would you recommend the JLTi standalone or allways in the company of the external PSU ?I have only used the JLTI without the power supply a few times. From what I remember the highs seemed to be more prominent and it sounded thinner with less weig... 
Best phono preamp in the $ 1000 to $ 2000 range ?
I should say I wanted the adjustable gain settings for doing needle-drops. I ended up getting an E-MU 1616 which has a preamp so problem solved.I use the JLTi with a Dynavector XX-2 MKII, Shelter 501 MKII, and a Denon-304 with great results.Regard... 
Best phono preamp in the $ 1000 to $ 2000 range ?
I have owned a Vacuum State JLTi w/power supply for several years and still enjoy it. The one thing I wish it had were adjustable gain settings, but it does sound good to me.I have considered a Pass XONO and a Cullen modified PS Audio GCPH. All th... 
Phono stage overload margin ??
The simple explanation is a cartridge might output 10 times its rated output on loud passages. So the A90 @ 0.25mv would output 2.5mv which is less than the 9mv of the Esoteric. I disagree with Fremer about it not being able to handle carts with l... 
Raking Angle
I think you are referring to Stylus Rake Angle (SRA). Much has been written about this over the years and a 2 degree angle from vertical is usually recommended. In looking at the linked illustration the angle labeled SRA would be 88 degrees. The t... 
Two NAD 2200 bridged amps w/6 ohm speakers - OK?
I never tried using the 2200 bridged when I had a pair but from the manual.Note: in the bridged mode the loudspeaker’s impedance is effectively halved as “seen” by the amplifier. An 8-ohm load looks like 4-ohms, a 4-ohm load looks like 2-ohm, and ... 
how to pick a preamp?
I used to own a Quad 99 preamp and thought it was very good for the money. It has a phono stage, tone controls, and remote. Regards,Todd 
phono stage and cartridge value
Two phono stages come to mind the PS Audio GCPH Phono Preamp, and Phonomena II phono preamp. Both are very adjustable so you could use either an MM or MC cartridge.Regards,Todd 
Need help fast - Unbalanced Preamp to Balanced Amp
You could give these a try.CardasRegards,Todd 
Power Cord on Parasound A21
I bought a used A21 but I don't think I got the stock cord with it. I went with a VH Flavor 4 with Furutech Gold terminations and am very pleased with it. It was ~$150.00 used.After reading about the Pangea AC-9 cords I tried one and it did not wo... 
How to align arm on Music hall MF5 turntable
The manual is over at Vinyl Engine for download. If you do not have the stock protractor you should be able to use one of the ones that they have.VinylEngineThese are a couple of links to setup guides that I think are helpful.Cartridge setupWhite ... 
Thorens 160-s
You should take a look at the Audiomods arm which is Rega based. I have had mine since Dec. and am very satisified.Jeff is easy to work with and with the pound/dollar as it is now the arm is an even better deal.Regards, ToddAudiomods 
MintLP Protractor for the JMW-9T tonearm
I have never owned a VPI but I have read many threads concerning its geometry. Here is a link that should help.VPI tonearm geometryRegards,Todd 
Another VPI or something else for under $2k
I chose the Acoustic Signature Samba over the Scout two years ago and have been very satisfied. You should be able to find an original one for less than 1k and a Final Tool for less than 2k. The newer MkIIs are considerably more expensive.SambaReg...