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What I’m looking for in a streaming transport
Ante up for the Auralic G1 streamer. It includes a 1GB playback cache with reclocking - dejittering, LAN-level-performance WiFi and makes for an outstanding feed to a DAC. It makes every DAC I've tried with it sound better than prior. A bonus is t... 
MHDT Orchid versus MHDT Pagoda..which one is best?...and why?
Happy to help. -Phil 
Has anyone used the new Innuos 2.0 Sense music app? Compared it to Roon?
There's a pattern here. I have a lifetime Roon license. But from a sheer SQ and lack of bugs, in the Auralic world Lightning DS also clearly sounds better than Roon. It lacks metadata editing capabilities so Roon and Windows file management can st... 
MHDT Orchid versus MHDT Pagoda..which one is best?...and why?
It's been quite awhile since I last listened through a Canary, and haven't heard the Orchid & Canary juxtaposed for listening. Note also that Canary is substantially less expensive than Orchid, which I assume is largely due to the 1541 chip be... 
I am no longer getting MQA?
Yeah; I am going to try that face-off soon.Phil 
I am no longer getting MQA?
I have both the Auralic Aries G1 and G2.1, in two distinct systems. Between how things are labelled in Tidal and the behaviors you see from your DAC when either of these streamers are the source, MQA in practice can seem confusing.MQA "folds" high... 
MHDT Orchid versus MHDT Pagoda..which one is best?...and why?
Upgrading Orchid to 1541 Crown or Double Crown will definitely up that DAC's game. You can find some extensive commentary on the web AMR's experience with each. The Crown, and Double Crown, IME, reinforce the already good aspects of the 1541 rathe... 
MHDT Orchid versus MHDT Pagoda..which one is best?...and why?
Very few people hear both the Orchid and Pagoda in proximity, out of the relatively few who hear both DACs under any circumstances. The reason is the two DACs address somewhat different priorities and appeal to different preferences and people.Orc... 
MHDT dac/Garage 1217 adapter owners your favorite tubes
6922 family (CV2492, CCa especially) are dramatic improvements over the various 5670 native equivalents, even better than the excellent 2C51 and 6cc42. I have not been convinced regarding running 6sn7 in mhdt DACs. While many aspects of sound are ... 
Streaming transport suggestions
Auralic has streaming grokked. Plus they put effort into premium wifi to the point where they recommend wifi over copper, for lowest noise. The Aires streamers have 1GB cache for FIFO processing and dejittering. Works on all inputs including a bas... 
Try a NOS Siemens, Telefunken or Valvo CCa. All-but-equal is the Mullard CV2492. The Tesla 6CC42 is very good in the native socket, as is the excellent Bendix 2C51, but these alternatives in the 6922 family via adapter are in all ways better.Phil 
DAC finalist please help
MHDT Atlantis (under $1000) or Pagoda. Buy a 5670 > 6dja/6922 tube socket converter for the buffer tube, and then get a nice NOS ecc88, e88cc, 6922 or CCa tube to plug in to it. Big, bursty, musically-convincing, toneful sound will result.Phil 
Need a DAC Recommendation.
MHDT Atlantis. Under $1000. Clean, objective, organic, toneful, truthful and fun.Phil 
What DAC upgrade made you say “DAMN, that sounds SO MUCH better than my last DAC”?
Go Streamer first. I'm analog-first but have been futzing with non-CD digital for a decade, having spent over two years bit-perfect-ripping 6000 CDs. DACs on two systems are currently mhdt Pagoda and Pagoda Balanced, and M2tech Young 3. R2R with t... 
Zu Druid 6
The other thing I have to mention is that Zu lets you order speakers, get them delivered, and have 60 days to evaluate whether you want to keep them. Yup, it's work to ship speakers that size back, but it is an honest way to know.Phil