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Former Tekton owners: What have you moved on to?
Kenny, what did Tekton do? 
Still looking for a DAC I can demo at home. . .
I bought the Rockna Wavedream here on Audiogon. It's the balanced version. 
Transport for Exogal Comet Plus DAC
There is a Simaudio 260D for sale here on Audiogon right now. Very nice transports. I have one that compares favorably to a Levinson 31 in my system for alot less money. 
Carver Raven 350 Amps
My listening room absorbs sound like a sponge, so I have to crank up the volume quite a bit to get the concert-hall levels that I like. The Carvers sound great, but would run out of gas before getting to those levels. The BHKs have no problem with... 
Carver Raven 350 Amps
I have the Crimson 350's, used them to power my Ulfberht speakers. Very nice tube amps, but I went with BHK 300's for more power. The Carvers are an interesting design that run the tubes very cool, they only get lukewarm even after hours of use. T... 
Tekton Impact Monitors
I've had the PMD Studio Monitors for a little over a month now, and they are very impressive. They produce a surprising amount of bass for a small speaker. The XA-25 pairs very nicely with them. 
Who has heard the new Pass XA25?
I'm in Tampa, and would be interested in selling the Triode Labs 2a3 amp. I have the matching Triode Labs preamp, as well. Just let me know. 
Who has heard the new Pass XA25?
I have a Pass XA-25 hooked to my Tekton Studio Monitors. It replaced a Triode Labs 2a3 amp that I had been using since I got the speakers. As good as the Triode Labs is, the XA-25 beats it handily. Explosive dynamics, wonderous speed and transpare... 
PS AUDIO bhk pre-amp vs upper level reference pre-amps?
I had the BHK preamp and only replaced it when I could afford an Allnic L7000 preamp. Despite the large difference in price, the BHK came quite close to the Allnic's performance. They were hooked to BHK 300 monos. Definitely give the BHK pre a lis... 
Tekton Double Impacts
I got the PMD Studio Monitors today. They are interesting little speakers that I will have fun playing with over the next several weeks. I hooked them to some old Levinson and Triode Labs gear that I had on hand. Awesome midrange on them, and surp... 
Synergy problem
Here are some speakers that would work well in your setup:https://www.audiogon.com/listings/full-range-smaller-version-of-double-impact-2017-12-29-speakersThey would be an improvement over what you have. 
New Yggdrasil - First (and second) Impressions
With my Yggy, I found the ERC-3 to be a very good transport. Better than the PS Audio Memory player, and the Sonic Frontiers SFT-1. I used a high quality AES/EBU cable, though, bought off of Agon from Mark Tunis. 
Tekton Double Impacts
Captmobley, I am in Tampa and I have some DI's that I need to move out of my house soon. They aren't hooked-up but I will give someone a great deal on them if someone wants to come get them. 
Still looking for a DAC I can demo at home. . .
I had the Yggy hooked to an Allnic preamp, BHK monoblocks and Tekton Design Ulfberht speakers. This is a very revealing setup, and the Directstream came across as harsh and fatiguing in it. The Yggy, on the other hand, was smooth and natural. Here... 
Tekton Double Impacts
Aric, would you make an amp based on the GM70 tube? I would love to try one.