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Pick a preamp for my system: Ayre or MBL
Krell EVO 222 is a great choice. I've had a 6010d and ARC Ref. 03, all good but wouldn't trade back after getting the 222. Beautiful sound and workmanship. See Ken Kessler's review located on absolute sounds uk website. 
Krell MMF vs std CAST cables
Be aware that other companies such as Transparent and Tara will make cast cables for you. IMO the Nordost based MMF is not particularly a good match unless your system needs more detail and life. Nordost(lean) and Krell(neutral) just don't belong ... 
Best Integrated Amplifier Made at the USA
Krell FBI. Awesome USA made piece of gear. 
Kharma FE 3.2 - be careful, space crucial
18' wide by 34' deep by 8' hgt. so zero standing waves with sub. 
Kharma FE 3.2 - be careful, space crucial
Well I know it breaks all the rules but I use a Krell Resolution sub between my 3.2's and they blend beautifully.Great Kharma mids and highs with tight awesome bass. You just have to put a little time in to get it right. My room is quite large and... 
Krell "cast" vs. xlr
Which CAST cable? Apparently Krell has a new cable called MMF and there are a couple of others on the mkt. 
Confusion re Esoteric X-01 Limited and X-01D2
I have not compared the two in listening but think very highly of the D2 which I know well. I spoke with Neil at Esoteric tech support last week asking the same question about a comparison. His comment was that the D2 has better dacs and a better ... 
Esoteric X-01 D2
Well for what it's worth I too have an X-01 D2 coming after the EMM "one box wonder", the ARC Ref07 and a DCS P8i. In my mind the Esoteric is on a much higher playing field than the other three. It takes a bit of time to break in but then the reso... 
Tube Pre-amp for Levinson 432
I think that were you to try a 326s you would give up the tube idea. I just replaced a Ref 3 with the 326s and I can't think of one thing that the Ref 3 does better. The 326s is amazing and totally unexpected by me. Also you can see the value in t...