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Integrated tube amp has no bass Cayin A50T
I have the cayin A-50T and it has good bass. A value for money amp. 
What's the best EL34 amp besides 8b?
Reviewers consider the sound of the Cayin A-50T to be close to the classic Marantz 8B. 
cayin265ai .Im thinking of buying any advice
topperstopper, do you think the 265ai then would find it difficult to drive my vienna acoustics mozarts, rated 4ohm, 90db? 
Better sounding after 1 hour
In your own experience at what point (# of hours playing) do you get maximum sound quality from your tube gear? Does the sound also deteriorate after several hours? 
Cambridge Audio 840C vs Ayre CX-7e?
I have the 740C which I bought due to the price difference between the 740C and 840C. I wonder if the 740C sound is as close as the 840C. 
Rectifier Tube Clarification/Help W/ Dared 2000a
I experience some speaker hiss with the Dared Sl-2000A. Is it normal? 
What is your listening level?
Elizabeth, is 70dB on a fast dBC? 
Tweaking the caps of the Dared SL-2000A
I'm planning to change the stock input caps to Auricaps. Do you think this upgrade would be significant enough in sound improvement? 
Oppo BDP83SE vs Oppo BDP95
Is the Oppo a step up over the Marantz in DVD playback? 
Prima Luna Prolog 1 and ipod
Try the Peachtree iDAC which has the ESS Sabre DAC chip. 
Rega Brio-R Break-in time.
Thanks Affinity. Would you suggest opamp and input caps modifications for the Rega Brio-R? 
Rega Brio-R Break-in time.
I'm considering the Rega Brio-R for my Vienna Acoustics Mozarts (90db, 4ohm), would it be a good match? 
Naim Nait 5i-2
Has anyone tried the Vienna Acoustics Mozarts with the Nait5i? 
EL 34s for Cayin A 50T Integrated Amp
I'm happy with the EH 6CA7s. They replaced the EH EL34s which is quite good too. 
Yes,another DAC question
You already have a great tube Tri CD player. I'll probably try upgrading the caps and 12AU7 tube of the Tri CDP first. Although I have not used any DAC with my system.