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Turn off of subwoofer
Thanks for the responses. I only turned the sub off because of cleaning cables and switching out the current power amp for another one. 
Information about Martin Logan Sequel II
As already mentioned the Sequels have a 10 inch traditional woofer and no built in amp!! The stators are $549 plus shipping from Martin Logan. They come with instructions and are easy to replace. There may also be electronic problems. Contact the ... 
Has anyone heard the Meridian F80
Read the review on this month's Stereophile. Not a great review!! 
Is there a very nice SS amp around 1K?
Adcom 5802 300 watt powerhouse that runs in class A under normal listening. It is a 50 pound beast. It was just recently discontinued from its 1998 introduction. Lots of positive reviews.This was part of a high end endeaver using a Nelson Pass des... 
Adcom 5802 Stereo amp
The speakers are Martin Logan SL3's and 4ohm impedance. Martin logan's are noted to be power hungry and not real efficient. 
CD Distortion
I have had the same experience. BB King and Eric Clapton "Riding with the King" has a cut on it that distorts on a lead guitar solo. Also the Eagles first album has a cut that also distorts with a guitar solo for a few notes. It's not the equipmen... 
Mac MA-6100
There should be no problems. 
Meridian 557 fully balanced?
Yes this is fully balanced. It is mated to the Meridian 502 Pre-amp. Any good balanced pre-amp will work. I have the 557 with the 502 and it is great. 
Musical Design 140i Preamp suggestions?
Hang in there. They come up periodically on his site. 
Musical Design 140i Preamp suggestions?
Try pairing it with a Musical Design Tube pre-amp SP2B? 
HELP...Bubble Wrap Marks in PIANO BLACK Speakers??
Did any of the remedies tried make ANY improvement? Black finish is beautiful but a nightmare to keep from marks and superficial scratches. I have a black ebony piano and have had good luck with a good mildly abrasive car cleaner. It may be the bu... 
Smooth Jazz Freak needs New Artists
Paul Brown, Joyce Cooling, Martin Taylor, Joe Taylor, Richard and Elliot Smith,Nick Colione,Candy Dulfer,Wayman Tilsdale,Bob Baldwin,Kirk Whalum,Gino Vannelli,just to name a few. 
Z squared AUAU gold alloy ICs, no image at all
If the interconnects have arrows on them,make sure they face away from the source!! 
Are Meridian Pre-Amps Awful or Something?
I have a Meridian 502 Pre-amp.In fact all sources are Meridian. Great Review in Stereophile and Hi-Fi Magazines. 
Preamps ... no bass or treble control?
The simpler the path, the purer the signal thus less distortion in sound. Most high end pre-amps do not have controls. The sound is tweaked by room acoustics, speaker placement,cabling, as well as other high quality sources.