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Audio Research REF 3 worth buying today?
The Audio Research Ref 3 is without a doubt one of the best Preamps I have heard in my 40 years in audio.By it. 
Whitecamaross¬†¬†Nice review. 
Tubed Phono Preamp
What about a Rogue Ares it retails for $1,995.It sure did sound a lot better than my Primair did.10audio really liked this phonostag to and this review was right on with what I heard in my system http://www.10audio.com/rogue_ares.htm For the $$ I ... 
Pass lad amp owners of XA.5 series of amps.
Thanks Jazzcourie It seems the 30.5 is one sweat smooth amp.I have not talked to Mark yet but I will . 
Tube Dealer Recommendation
I have dealt with with tube depot,Vintage Tube Services,and the tube store All fast with good advice and quick service.Not the same with Upscale Audio AND MISTER ATTITUDE Kevin Deal No ever again. 
In-depth review on my Wilson Benesch Curves
Very nice review..Similar to what I heard 3 or 4 Years ago at one of my local dealers.I was quit taken with the Curves. I thought they just let the music flow. No Distortion/no peaks/No ringing/no boom. One of best speakers I have ever heard and w... 
Best digital converter under $12,000 -Meitner Dac-
((Wainwright uses his real name and you use three numbers plus a letter and Wainwright is the chicken? Yeah, right. The way it looks from here is that Wainwright is smart and you are, well, you know.)) Yeah I know.I have feeling Kevinwann YOU do n... 
Best digital converter under $12,000 -Meitner Dac-
Zd542 Do not let Rlwainwright get under your skin. He can not help it He is one of those perfect people.You know the ones thy do it on line but are to chicken sh*t to do this kind of stuff in person.................................................... 
$5000.00 To Spend Looking for Tube Pre-Amp
What about a ModWright LS36.5 or a Rogue Athena.Either can be bought for under 5K new.And very nice sounding. 
Wadia 121
This is a wonderful sounding DAC I have had the 121 for 2 weeks and loving it.The headphone output is pretty dang good to. 
SME 309 and SOTA Sapphire - Cable & Cartridge Help
HOPE you can give us a little review i am looking at turntables. looking to replace a music hall mm-7. The Sota SME compo Looks good. 
Just heard a Clearaudio Innovation Wood.And WOW
Podeschi Thanks For the reply. I looked at Binkmann nice but lots of $$. I can not believe the prices on turntables. I did find a VPI/Brinkmann/Roksan/Nottingham Dealer within 30 miles of me thats pretty cool and he said he will work with me. I gu...