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Suggestions for speakers for my setup
I have both the Marantz 8801 and the Revel Ultima Salon2's. If you want a listen, feel free to contact me. I'm in MA. 
Is the Mark Levinson 390S still a reference player
The Sony SCD-XA5400ES is an excellent player. 
Krell or Bryston 4SST2
You might want to consider a Mark Levinson 532H. There is one currently offered on Audiogon for 27 days. I have no relation with the seller. However, I own the amp and have owned previous Krell amps and the Levinson is excellent. Offer the seller ... 
Is the Mark Levinson 390S still a reference player
Lula - I have not compared the 512 with anything other than the two players that I've mentioned. I agree with you about the price differential. I am so satisfied with the sound, that I don't feel the need to try anything else. 
Is the Mark Levinson 390S still a reference player
I have the 512 and it is fantastic! I've done blind listening tests and it is superior to the Sony SCD-XA5400ES as well as the Oppo BDP-95. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to listen to any of the players. I'm within 20 minutes of ... 
speaker cable for exemplar system
Best DAC under 2k US ?
Can you purchase the Metrum Octave Dac entirely in black including the faceplate and does it play in full resolution via a USB? 
HK 3490 receiver with no sound?
I believe that the jumpers had to be connected to pre-out and amp out horizontally. Also if headphones are connected, it will automatically cut off sound from the speakers. 
Am I going to regret the Gallo 3.1s?
I own two pairs of these speakers in two separate systems. They are excellent speakers and I would suggest that you buy them. You will enjoy them immensely! If you are in the Boston area, you can contact me to audition them for free. 
How many enjoy low $ second system sound?
I have been enjoying a second setup in my bedroom recently which cost me about one tenth of my main system. It is a headphone system which consists of a Yamamoto HA-02 headphone amp with both Sennheiser HD800 or Audio Technica ATH-W5000 headphones... 
Blu-Ray, SACD & NetFlix player?
or... you can buy the Oppo BDP-95 directly from Oppo for $999. http://oppodigital.com/blu-ray-bdp-95/ 
Best SACD Player Help Needed
SONYXA5400ES under $1000 new. 
What did you get for Christmas?
A Yamamoto HA-02 headphone amp. 
Surge protection for new Panasonic Plasma TV
CyberPower - $159.99 at Costco. 1500VA/900WattsUninterruptible Power Supply 
Mark Levinson 531H vs Classe CT-M300
I have the Mark Levinson 532H amps bi-amped, one amp per speaker and they sound very musical. I highly recommend them.