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Ray Charles - "Rap is not music"
As suggested above, let's all get back to sharing what we love about this hobby.  Have a great weekend, guys!  Enjoy and many blessings! Message in Our Music - The O'Jays      
Ray Charles - "Rap is not music"
@simao @tylermunns  - I am going to let the subject go because both of you are woefully ignorant and obviously have no real exposure to Rap music and the very real culture it produced.  Or, you're some sort of woke troll looking for any opportunit... 
Ray Charles - "Rap is not music"
Rap is considered music not because of its merit, but because there is no other place to put it.  In my opinion, and based on its impact among a certain segment of society, rap is a particularly focused medium for social degeneracy.  This is by de... 
Those singers you enjoy,....that don't really have a great voice?
Carole King  
Why Is Hi Fi Gear So Darn Expensive?
...Because there are stupid people with stupid money.  It's as simple as that.  
Looking for an integrated amp to replace my Cayin A-50T
@pretender - I have the answer for you:  Jolida JD1501 RC.  It's a hybrid.  So if you love your Cayin (I have two), you'll love the 1501.  You can roll the preamp tubes to your heart's desire.  But I'll save you some time -- get a pair of vintage ... 
New Tinnitus study and possible treatment (via Science Daily)
People who exhibit Tinnitus symptoms should first have their blood tested to find out if they are iron deficient.  If so, physician prescribed iron supplementation will GREATLY reduce or completely eliminate the symptom.  Stop stressing and get so... 
Versatile, non-fatiguing speakers for a small room under $1500 used or new: advice needed!
Grab a pair of Spendor SP2/2.  Great sound and you'll be laughing all the way back to the bank! 
$1000 bookshelf speakers with "recessed", "laid back" or "flat" mid-range?
Spendor SP-1. 
Seeking advice on Speakers that create an intimate 2 channel listening experience
aj523, Do you like small, intimate music/jazz clubs?  Do you prefer to sit mid-hall at a live music event?  How about desiring to hear the music between the speakers (with depth and slightly beyond the outside of the speakers)?  If you answered ye... 
Thinking about a new, lower end CD Player
@n80 - You wrote:  "I am not interested in streaming as my primary listening source at this time. Prefer to own my music in a tangible way. Call me a dinosaur, whatever. But really enjoying CDs right now and getting good recordings at great pri... 
Aretha Franklin RIP
+1 to every post.  She was a true talent and I'm happy to own some of her wonderful music.   
Speakers least affected by room acoustics
Spendor S8e!  And the Spendor SP-1 but to a lesser extent.   
Analogue-free system
Please let me know if you decide to list your LP collection for sale.  Thanks. 
MONO cartridge recommendation
Very good information.  Thanks guys!