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Wolf Audio Server/Streamer Owners
Do you still have it  
UltraBit Diamond Plus
I got some of this secret sauce yesterday, trying to decide if it’s better than the Auric Illuminator at a much lowers cost the three included cloths with each side labeled for different sound effects is kinda too much right noe    
Differences the Project RS2 Transport and the (newest) Jay's Audio CD2 Mk 3
I head the new transport will be in the $5,000 range  
Good Product or Nonsense?
EDM L’art du son is better than what? I’m guessing it’s much more than a cleaner like a clarifier enhancer etc.  
Good Product or Nonsense?
I want my OptriX back Shinola is really bad  
Problems with Optrix Spray
Wow almost ten years OptriX was great Shinola not great  
Jays cdt2mk3
Is there any point getting this if my only option is Spidf connection  
CD Burner
Thanks yoby   
CD Burner
I googled it and found $1295  
CD Burner
Yikes that is expensive, but looks like it’s build like a tank  
CD Burner
I went to the Apple store and bought their ripper told them what computer I was using it on, got home doesn’t work this is so 2022  
CD transports; do they really matter
Jays Audio has a new transport coming out at 5K   
What App are you using for your USB DAC?
Anyone love TIDAL lossless streaming like I do?
Tidal says it has a free 30 day trial, but everything I try asks for credit card infoAre the samples low rez filesThanks 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
No problem I didn't know this thread had a topic