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Brinkmann Bardo and Tri-Planar VII-U armrest issue
Problem fixed! Thank you very much Ralph for your suggestion. It was a learning experience.Acadie 
Brinkmann Bardo and Tri-Planar VII-U armrest issue
HI PcostaI read about this subject and contacted Tri Mai with this issue last year.I am not the one who drill the holes for the armboard. I am able to get the right S2P by rotating the armboard on the Brinkmann. 
Brinkmann Bardo and Tri-Planar VII-U armrest issue
Essential AudioThe issue has nothing to do with my dealer. He always offered to set up my cartriges/arm/table over the years,even driving to my house to do so (the shop is approx 100 miles from where I live). But I decided that I had to learn how ... 
Brinkmann Bardo and Tri-Planar VII-U armrest issue
EssentialaudioI am good at setting up tables, that is not my issue. I use the Feickert Universal and the MintLp to set up my analogue. I learn not to depend on a dealer to set up your analogue several years ago. It is just a matter to find a way t... 
Brinkmann Bardo and Tri-Planar VII-U armrest issue
Sarcher30I cannot do it. The 3 holes for the Tri-Planar are not equilateral triangle but are isosceles. 
Brinkmann Bardo and Tri-Planar VII-U armrest issue
I am able to turn the arm board (circle) but not back or forward. I am able to clear the arm rest by turning the armboard but the distance spindle to pivot is off. 
Great guys to deal with in the audio industry
James Tanner from Bryston 
Weakest Link? Your honest opinions.
Get the book or DVD " Get Better Sound" by Jim Smith. Read/listen the whole book/DVD.You can be surprise by the result if you follows the tips that Jim Smith provide.The base is always the room and you go from there. 
Joseph Audio Pulsar set up recommendations?
Maybe give a description of the room you plan to use the Pulsar in. 
HiDiamond Digital IC
I got a HiDiamond Reference AES/EBU cable in October from World Wide Wholesales. It did help that WWW is located in Canada.( I lived in Canada).In MY SYSTEM, that digital cable is excellent. I was searching for another digital cable and tried a fe... 
The best speaker you ever heard?
The Vivid Audio Giya G2. Heard them at a local reviewer’s house when he had them for a review last year. 
Best Cables for around $500
Don't rush your purchase. Try various model and brand. You will know when you find the right cable for your system. 
Rainmakers vs Hawk
The Hawk are the best value in the Totem line up. I heard the Rainmaker and I did own in the past the Model 1, Hawk and Mani-2 Signature.The Rainmaker are ok but the Hawk are at another level. 
How important is the tonearm?
I started this tread and I finally bought a new Tri-Planar VII. I considered some more exotic arms like Telea or Reed but decided to go with Tri-Planar, a well respected product made in the USA. Maybe with more experience in analogue,I will give a... 
Triplanar VII and Benz LP-S
Well, I have a Tri-Planar VII with a Benz Ruby 3 and it does sound pretty good to me. But I am not an analogue expert, far from it.Have a look at Vinyle Engine.