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Cartridge for Denon DP 3000 NE
@andykatz   The next time you experience a signal drop, pull out (i.e., disconnect) the headshell and take a look at the spring-loaded conductor pins on the tonearm side. I have the same turntable and found on occasion that the spring-loaded condu... 
William Fitzsimmons, who knew?
@bander - Good call - I discovered him a while ago through the great redition he does of 'Farewell Angelina' (Dylan). Your post inspires me to explore more of his work - thanks for that!  
Time To Upgrade My Digital Front End
Hi navyachts - I was in a similar position as you for budget, and early in 2021 I started my journey with the Antipodes S-series line, whose servers provide ROON core capabilities. It's a great option for those who want to build up to a good (I ac... 
What model ProAc is this
For what it's worth, I can confirm they're not the Studio 1 model  
How rare is an audiophile
++++1 @bob540 To me, it's one who recognizes there is much more to enjoying music than the music itself; it's HOW the music sounds as well, regardless of how much one has invested in the equipment.  
Has anyone replaced the 6C19 tube with a 5881 in a
I noticed this age-old question that didn't receive response back in 2010, but 13 years later I have the same quesiton: Has anyone rolled BAT VK-32SE preamp tubes from the stock 6C19 to 5881 tube? Thanks   
How much does a DAC do the more expensive it is?
+1 @jjss49  - thanks for the well-put (multiple) contributions to this thread  
Tube Rolling | Luxman CL-38uc
Hi @jfandr147 and all - I have the CL-38u and CL-38u-SE models, the tubes of which are laid out the same as in the 38uc.  I don't know how to post an image, but I've spent some time under the hood of the 38u, traced out tube signal flows, and can... 
Greatest Songwriter of all time
+1 @ immatthewj - I fully agree - Josh Ritter is an outstanding wordsmith!  
To ROON or not to ROON ?
+1 sbank My story is much the same - loads of concert and other source material not available through streaming services on local storage, with a Qobuz subscription for high quality material. The two independent sets of material coexist seamlessl... 
What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?
Antipodes S30 server/streamer and S20 reclocker, including upgraded power supply for each, fiber network, and good quality AES digital cable. This setup replaced my Win10 PC interface via USB and I could not be more pleased with the sonic improvem... 
Seeking suggestions for 6922 tubes
I'm very pleased with the pair of gold pin Amperex USN-CEP 7308s with large halo getters from early to mid 60s in my ModWright Elyse DAC. Very quiet and nice top end. Until this past April when I bought them, I had been gone through MANY different... 
How did you get started in this hobby
@artemus_5 and @bigtwin pretty much told my story through theirs. At 56 years of age, I can't remember not having been into music, with focus on the quality of its reproduction. It all started when I was about 4 or 5 with a single-speaker portable... 
Is there a DAC ranking list?
@tcotruvo - Congratulations - great to hear of your successful outcome! I recently went through the same revelation when moving from computer-based to server-based digital. For those who are doubtful of the benefits (as I was), provided your syste... 
The Most Cost Effective Tweak
+1 @aewarren - I fully agree and do the same - simply turning the lights down and closing my eyes can reveal a whole new dimension to my audio system...