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Holo MAY KTE DAC/ Kitsune Hi FI, Lynnwood Washington
I love my Holo Audio May KTE DAC.  I bought it with the knowledge that it is made an serviced in China, so if I have a problem I’m screwed, or at least without DAC for many weeks.  I decided it was worth the risk, and over a year in couldn’t be ha... 
DAC recommendation in 5 to 10K range
The Holo Audio May KTE is in your price range.  I really like mine—very accurate and detailed while being incredibly musical.  You can find lots of reviews/accolades here and on other sites.  
Aurender N100 or X100?
I have an old Aurender S10, so can't comment on your specific question on N100 vs X100, but I find the iPad proprietary app very convenient to use.  The iPhone app is a bit quirky and seems to need to be deleted and reloaded occasionally, but othe... 
Most Realistic Recordings
@lordmelton several newer servers can do higher than 128 DSD, by my S10 can’t. Do you hear much difference higher than 128 DSD?  
Most Realistic Recordings
I heard a few albums from High Definition Tape Transfers when demoing the Taiko Extreme. Their Pure DSD recordings are direct transfers from the master tape with no editing or processing. As a result they are both very realistic, and also with "fl... 
Peachtree GaN 1 Beta
I'm interested in your findings, as I was in a similar situation (AtmaSphere MA1 amps driving Sound Lab speakers--very toasty in warm weather).  I am a week into trying out a pair of Benchmark Class H amps, but looked at the Peachtree and other ne... 
Hans Theesink
I discovered him about 6 months ago.  Absolutely agree about the sonics, and the music is great as well.  Reminds me a bit of Doug McLeod in both sonics (Reference Recordings) and style.  
2 Subwoofers or 1?
Two (or 3) smaller subs located strategically (multiple subwoofer crawls) would give smoother bass response in a primary listening position than a single sub.  
New York Times article on Charo
I read the same article.  This album seems to have decent reviews:      
Considering buying a used Gryphon Diablo 250
Jay posted this the other day on the hidden costs (especially now) of buying large amps that might need to go back to the factory. I wouldn’t let it scare you, especially if you’re able to audition it and there is a transferable warranty, but ship... 
Looking for Blues with High Fidelity
Hans Theessink, Robben Ford, and Robert Cray as mentioned above. I also find Tedeschi Trucks Band albums very well recorded (and great playing). Keb Mo’s albums are also some of the better blues recordings out there.  
Electronic Bass Trap Experience
Watching...   I'm also interested in this tech as I'm running out of wall space and still have a couple deep modes to address.  
Hana Umami Red or Lyra Kleos?
@skyscraper The Sound Smith Hyperion is just more fleshed out than the Kleos—more “real”.  It has a better/stronger bass foundation, and everything else just seems to build on that foundation.  
Hana Umami Red or Lyra Kleos?
I can't comment on the Hana Umami Red, but the Lyra Kleos is an outstanding cartridge.  I had it mounted on a Well Tempered Reference tone arm and turntable and it was great.  I then moved it to my DIY Lenco with a TransFi Terminator air bearing l... 
Subs and room nodes
You might find useful information here on the "subwoofer crawl".  It is quite effective, especially when combined with REW and a calibrated microphone to fine tune levels and phase delay after placement.