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When does speaker distortion become audible?
Hi BIF, what does it take in your mind to come up with nonsensical lines like this, "Sustained listening at 100 db will rupture the organs in small animals and damage one's hearing."And not put a smiley face after it:)"If the first 100db suck, why... 
How to meaningfully audition speakers??
Hi Bo, Do you care to show us your system, in your room, that you can play at 118db? Which albums do you play that loud?Bob 
Best beer
Hacker Pschorr Hefe Weizen Franziskaner Weissbier Konig Ludwig Weissbier Berliner Kindl WeisseSchultheissAyingerSchneider WiesseSpaten HefeweizenPauleaner Hefe WeizenWittekerkeHoegaardenBlue MoonWidmerPyramid WheatOkanagan WheatGranville Island He... 
Think your speakers are positioned correctly?
A 1/4 of an inch is a huge problem. When you factorIn aDistance of the usual 8 to 12 feet fromASpeaker the typical listening distance the effect is very disturbing. I try to set my speakers upWithin a 16 th to a 32 nd of an inch. 1/4 of an inch is... 
why use towers if you've got a sub??
You dont! If your main speakers are good down to 34-44hz it covers every instrument except organs and synth. Subs are for home theatre boom booms, so leave them alone for real music. 
Subs/Monitors vs Full-Range Speakers - Pros/Cons
Hello, you said "Can I get by with one sub or is a stereo pair truly necessary. My monitors go down to 38Hz – is that “40Hz range” crossover point low enough provide a seamless integration (i.e.: will I be able to tell where the sub is when it “ki... 
Speaker Cable for SET amplfiier - 1000$
Scrubidubi said "I have SET amplificiation based on 211 tube with high efficiency speakers .So i want some warm detailed sound with AMAZING mids andendless highs (peferct cable :)) ..."And you think you can get away with only spending a $1000? Goo... 
What defines a good tonearm
If you have an ET 2 then you allready have the best tonearm. Any other questions, just ask. 
What defines a good tonearm
Manitunc asked,"My question is simply, which one comes closest to the ideal, mechanical and physical goal and why?"A linear tracking arm, because it tracks the groove perfectly. BobPHP143If the first 100db suck, why continue? 
Hearing loss Temporary or more permanent?
Elizabeth said in a post about her stupid tweaks on AA "I was listening to Telarc Carmina Burana And the dynamic range with a Rat shack meter was from 55 C weight up to 93dB C weight without changing the volume knob. That is way more than I ever h... 
Phono-pre: subsonic filter on or off ?
03-26-11: MarakanetzCheck that out...And you think your puny system is capable of this? Even if this is true....which sounds like the crap that you are espousing (2. To give one's loyalty or support to (a cause, for example); adopt.) Why didnt mil... 
Phono-pre: subsonic filter on or off ?
03-26-11: Marakanetz"ANYONE WANTS TO AUDITION THIS MUSIC AND EXPERIENCE???RAISE YOUR INSANE HAND..."Is this before or after the "brown note" makes you s..t your pants?Really, I've got to stop reading this crap. How can you write this bs and expect... 
Why the obsession with the lowest octave
Duke said, "I'd choose quality bass down to 40 Hz ballpark over somewhat muddy extension down into the bottom octave. An honest 40 Hz is pretty darn deep anyway.That being said, recently I built a semi-custom four-piece subwoofer system for a cust... 
Quad 2805 v. Quad 57
Stanwal said, "97db at 1 meter"How do you get 2 Quads three feet from your ear?BobPSI dont know either, but i guess if you ask them nicely and they are close talkers they just might. 
Room EQ to eliminate the BBC dip?
Diw said, "I own B&W 802D's, which have a dip in the 2-5 kHz range"How do you know this? What program are you using to measure this?Bob