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Playback Designs MPD6 or Bricasti M21?
Thank you all for your posts and suggestions.  I've been posting for more than 20 years and I will say I am always intrigued with responses to go "listen for myself".  I think that defeats the purpose of these forums.  If we all had the time, the ... 
Playback Designs MPD6 or Bricasti M21?
It's kind of random as I'm building a new system.  Looking at full Bricasti M25 and M21 or PBD and TBD amplification.   Probably with Joseph Audio Perspective speakers.  I prefer resolution, dimensionality and slam but at the same time want to ad... 
Playback Designs MPD6 or Bricasti M21?
Thank you, the Bricasti doesn't have a streamer unfortunately, it's just a network player for connected devices. But the PBD does have an optional built in streamer. Bricasti seems better built and more thorough.  
DCS Bartok v Meitner MA3 v Esoteric N05XD
Thank you for the excellent response.    
Brilliant Video proving MQA is not what claim
Yeah, would have been better to lead with your comment about heros as your post sounds like a troll post. I’m not going to comment on the DMS-600 (perhaps that’s your problem). Years ago I spent about 6 months converting all of my CD collection to... 
Brilliant Video proving MQA is not what claim
I guess the big question is, what do your ears tell you?   Do you like MQA better than FLAC?  Have you done an A/B? 
Pass Labs XA25 vs Benchmark AHB2
I wonder if the people who have written in that the Pass is warmer and more tubey and not as transparent have ever heard it?  From those posts, I doubt it.  The XA25 is transparent as anything, I would disagree with those "generic" responses.   
All New NAD Master M33 Integrated Amp // GAME CHANGER ?..
Probably based on the older NCore modules for the amplifier.  Very good, but when you look at the Marantz PM10 with twice the modules, superior build quality and amazing sound, this starts to pale in comparison.  Google some photos of the inside o... 
All-in-one integrated, 10-15K range, class A/B only
Don't laugh, and don't throw things at me, but seriously, listen to a Marantz PM-10.  It takes a VERY long time to break in, but at about 300 hours it goes from blah to absolutely amazing.  Retails for $8k, can get them new on eBay for way less th... 
Seeking a Tidal full MQA streaming DAC
Second the T2 
Suggestions to match a pair of speakers to Pass Labs XA25?
You don't need high efficiency speakers with that amp.  It will drive most speakers out there.   
Lumin U1 vs Lumin U1 mini + sbooster?
Surprising posts, agreed.  Dedicated streamers tend to win out from the old PITA computer setups.  Is what it is I guess. 
Krell XD technology
Does Parts Connexion respond to emails?  I emailed them a while back to ask about mods they did on a piece I had.  They refused to answer me.  I called them twice and got the runaround, said the "owner" would call me back and never did.  They simp... 
Lunim T2 vs Cary Audio DMS 600
Any more feedback on this comparison?  
Audible Illusions wait time ?
You will eventually get your piece, it just may take 3-6 months longer than expected.  No joke.