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Anybody still use a Hegeman Hapi 2?
Dear all, anybody of you has a copy in digital format of the manual? Moreover I got one hapi 2 in great conditions and i wonder when is it inverting preamp or not. Thanxs if you would elucidate me 
Review: KLEI gZero10 Interconnect
Are their ic more special than their speakers cable or both deserve praise? Thanx 
RCA to XLR adapter vs buy a balanced cable
Thanxs to all 
RCA to XLR adapter vs buy a balanced cable
Incidentally the phono stage in my case is the Pass Xono, was the same than yours, Zavato?Thanxs 
RCA to XLR adapter vs buy a balanced cable
Thanxs but still what you advise? I have phono preamp out XLR or RCA choice . Line stage is no choice input only balanced, while output can be RCA optional to XLR.Shall I get a balanced interconnect between phono and line stage, or just use a norm... 
Tonearm Advice--Avid Volvere
Had both 309 and the wb arm. Although on different turntable, my humble opinion is that the act is overall better than 309, apart low freq. in which the sme is one of the best option. Cheers 
Which tonearms just sit over the plinth surface?
How good is the temaad? I had seen the rs but scared but possible instability and playing records would see like a thriller movie. Is the temaad same league that top arms or just mid class?Really have no idea. Thanxs 
Bergmann Magne
Distributors changes over time. No response from manufacturer is unacceptable these days, especially at such a charged price. 
Bergmann Magne
I sent a mail to them to get some info. never replied to me. Not a good sign...I promised myself never buy when see such a pre buyer customer serviceCheers 
Is there a run-in time for Dynavector XX-2?
This specific cart dont know. Normally cart change a lot in the first 25-30 hrs and then settle slower. as new they ar normally excessive bright and edgy. Then smooth out and bass will develop.enjoy how it develops.:-) 
Denon DL-160 v. Grado Gold cartridge??
In the similar price range of DL 160 the Ortofon 2M blue. I preferred it to over the denon. The denon midrange is fantastic but overall i found, in my system the 2M blue a better performer. Better lower end as well.As usual synargy dictates the ch... 
16 ohms speakers- 8 ohms output amp
Hi. I have the PHY open baffle. They sound marvellous with OTL amp, at least for my taste. cheers 
SME V vs 309 Sonic Differences
In search for a nice cable for a nice price I suggest you include in selection Audio origami rewires/cables web. They can't compete brandwise with others but Dollar for Dollar.......Disclaimer: I am not related in business with them, just got one ... 
SME V vs 309 Sonic Differences
I had a 309 in the past and before buying it I scouted the web extensively. My conclusion based on what i read whas that the 309 has a fantastic price performance while the IV and V are just in the norm in that respect. Take it with 2 cents of sal... 
Experience w/ Trans-Fi Auio Terminator Tone Arm?
It's about 4 months I am on the swimming pool edge and uncertain if plunge or not. From what I read this should be one of the best arm regardless price. I remember somebody stating it is better than even Grahams/SME etc etc.Why I don't open the wa...