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What speakers are you running with your Pass Labs XA 30.8?
"  I’m wondering if a 30.8 would be a good match with my JBL 4367:"you have gone through some much equipment lately, its hard to keep up....what happened to the  Kinki Studio  that you liked so much ??? 
Is Theta hybernating again?
"  see if they are ever going to be in my price bracket again."and what are the odds of that ?  plus I dont see you paying a lot of money for equipment...... 
Is Theta hybernating again?
are you thinking of buying something of theirs ? 
Fixing your cable problems forever.
"  Gang, out of a deep desire for camaraderie I have deleted a discussion"and for once I gave input on this subject and asked some questions and now its deleted.gee thanks. 
Nice music sale
thanks for the info and will be ordering some vinyl from them. trying to create an account now......  
Nice music sale
have you used them before ? saw a lot of albums at good prices. 
Anyone have experience with a Schiit Wyrd decrapifier?
are you losing connection with anything else or just those two devices? 
Masters & Dynamic MW40 - Dull as dirt to me
Did you place pillows on the floor, maybe that would help?have you given them enough break in time? 
Anybody have experience with Vinyl Me Pllease or is that on the for pay forum?
Sounds like you have more negative input on this than positive, so think that you should be able to make a decision easily on whether or not you want to continue the service. 
I need a subwoofer/sub-bass opinion from you
SVS is having a sale on their SB12-NSD for $399.99 
@john421 sent you 2-3 messages and check your spam folder on your personal email and on here check the speech bubble on the main page 
Rotel Turntable RP 9400 ....any opinions please
"  I researched this turntable, but was unable to find much info about it."that should tell you something .....if you were to get it and something happens to it, are you able to get it fixed ?    are parts still available ? 
I sent you a pm the other day with two tube sites to contact as maybe they could help you.....and never got a reply . 
Am I the only one wiht speaker cozys ?
if thats what you think you need to do then ok...... 
Am I the only one wiht speaker cozys ?
"  Am I the only one who does this? "Probably."   so I ended up covering them with unused, sound dampening curtains to improve the smoothness and imaging. "you shouldnt have to cover a speaker in order to make it sound good.   maybe a different ...