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Playback Designs MPS 5 110V to 220v
Replacing Audio Physic Virgo2
I had the Virgo IIs few years ago,and i tried to replace them with Eben X- Centric,Focal Mini utopia,Maggies 1.6,Thiel the end i kept them for a while longer until i bought a pair of Dynaudio C5.I used to drive them with a Krell KSA80B fi... 
B&W 800D or ATC 150 Passive
I'm sorry to tell you that with your lovely Mc combo,you will hear 10 or maybe 15% of the real potentials of both the speakers you mentioned.I would personally go for a pair of actives can always drive them with an high quality valve pr... 
Calling ATC owners
So is the ATCs midrange..more important for me ;-) 
Calling ATC owners
Great choice,Excellent speakers,even in pink :-) 
Amps for Sasha
I personally heard them FLY on two occasions.With the Krell 402, and with a Plinius SA Ref. 
Ah57lbi had the 956Mk2 driven by the 001 CD,and the DM100 driven by the LE preamp.It is not about which is better than the other,but which one you like most in your system.We are talking about Top notch amplifications,and in my opinion, is impossi... 
Concerto,nothing to do with the Callisto or Burmester sound.Between the 3 i would choose the Gryphon,but....if we get involved the 032 Burmester..i would go with the 032. 
Audio Physic Virgo vs Virgo IIs
The biwiring was an optional (on request) even for the FANTASTIC Virgo2.The woofers placement are also different. 
Best power amp to match Sonus Extrema speakers
Nice speakers,congratulations. I would try a Gryphon DM100 or Antileon. 
Preamp Deal of the Century
Why dont you ask directly to Mick? 
The Well Tempered Record Player and Denon DL103
Any other suggestions?Lyra?Benz?Sumiko?....??? 
The Well Tempered Record Player and Denon DL103
Thanks Honest1,but i'm really looking for an MC. 
The Well Tempered Record Player and Denon DL103
So,no DL103,and i'd like to leave the arm as it is.Any suggestions. 
The Well Tempered Record Player and Denon DL103
Hi David,and thanks for youe opinion,which is in fact what i was thinking.The think is that im trying to save some money to buy the Lyra Delos,and i need a cartridge not too expensive to use until i buy the Lyra.Do you have any suggestion?Regards