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Has anybody heard the new Nagra CD Player?
kamil bey,ben fransa fuarında dinledim beni o kadar etkilemedi dogrusu,o fiyatlara cok cok aletler var,dikkatli dusunun derimselamlar 
Best digital cable to audition?
kondo ksl digital cable 
best preamp ever - cost is no object
this week i tried first sound 's paramount mk2 special edition statement preamplifier againts kondo M1000 with zanden digitals , komuro amps and kharma grand exquisites.and i can only say that S.E statement from first sound is as good as 
best preamp ever - cost is no object
kondo M-1000 
Best digital cable to audition?
kondo-Lpd is very very my system it was the best one 
Best Digital Cable, Regardless of Price....
kondo,kondo and kondo.... 
i never heard 160watt 845pp from must be 60watts.i already got 845pp few years ago and now i have 55watt 212SE from him.i tried and got many very good amps(lamm 18watt,tenor75watt otl and 300watt hybrid,vac,some very expensive SS etc....... 
Kharma CRM 3.2 - how many versions?
Ce-3.1CRM-3.2-FCRM-3.2-FECRM-3.2-DCRM-3.2-DECeramique 3.1 with Revelator tweeter; with spikesCeramique Reference monitor, with 25mm titanium tweeter and SDSS-C3 standCeramique Reference Monitor, same as above but with Enigma upgradeCeramique Refer... 
Power Amps for Kharma
and also convergant audio amps are very good for kharma. 
Tally up best digital player ever
pitracer with 2 power supply+kondo dac+kondo digital cable+elrod power cords+symposium quantums. 
Speakers for Lamm ML2.1
kharma midi exquisite. 
Kharma Midi Ceremique or Wilson Maxx2
which amplifier ,do you have? 
Best active crossover?
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
Best DAC with Volume Control?
may be goldmund 20M .( 40.000 USD retail)