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Please help with Roon server/core issue
Looking forward to your findings.  
Please help with Roon server/core issue
Often, opting for the simplest approach yields the best results: Lowering your sample rate from 192 can significantly help, and you're likely not to discern any difference. I use 24/96, and it works wonderfully for me. In truth, by persisting with... 
$100-200 linear power supply
I’ve successfully used Acopian power supplies. It’s powering my FireTV cube, it has enough reserves I could power another device. They are designed primarily for scientific devices. Very quiet, clean. Far better than wall worts.   
Speaker isolation - spikes on puck, springs, sorbothane
I discovered a combination of Sorbothane and aluminum pucks with matching diameters (49mm). I positioned the speaker spikes in the M8 threaded holes of the aluminum disk, which were partially deep, creating a platform for the Sorbothane puck. Thes... 
Speaker isolation - spikes on puck, springs, sorbothane
@ditusa Interesting. I was rather excited, but my enthusiasm was dampened by the "each price" for the size I needed. It was a compelling demo; the music box test demonstrates why you want some decoupling. I feel like I am on the right path.  
Speaker isolation - spikes on puck, springs, sorbothane
@mitch2 I don’t see what you are suggesting.  
Speaker isolation - spikes on puck, springs, sorbothane
Thank you. I like the idea of the Gaia. The Townshend is also aesthetic, perhaps with a lower speaker rise. The Wire Rope style is intriguing (isolator.com/wire-rope-isolators/sm-series/). Give it a lookup. I found them at 40 lbs per isolator, whi... 
JL Audio Fathom
I have 3 F112 v1, since 2008 iirc, I’ve also had need to have them serviced, keeping my boxes shipping them to either AZ or FL. The service is excellent and timely: about 7-10 turn around. The fact that they can be serviced is a plus. That they ar... 
Really Long XLR
I use Mogami cables everywhere in both my HT and 2 ch tube system. I bought 250’ from Redco. They can custom make any cable you like, if don’t fancy soldering your self a set. 4-5 week’s delivery time. Redco dot com.     
Hearing protection and Music
It’s not really environmentally friendly to convert to battery, if you factor in all carbon cost just build them. Only thing I’ve got that’s gas is leaf blower. I’ve got shooting headphones but they are poor fidelity. I’ve had custom ear pieces fo... 
Your experience of moving to two subs
Plus 1. 3 subs in my system, 2 LR front and 1 in back left of MLP. Helps to minimize null points and cut room mode issues.   
Ethernet Cables
  @panzrwagn Well said. Ethernet is not a waveform, and it cares not what type of copper it’s sent over; if it shows up intact, that is the best you will get. So it’s pointless to buy expensive ethernet cables if you hear a difference is purely ... 
Ethernet opinions
@audphile1 LOL. Seriously, if you knew the distance the lowly packet has traveled over the untold number of switches and converters from and to fiber and Ethernet over copper, Your 25' of expensive cable is meaningless. The Data is the data; it’s... 
Audio Research Owners Worried?
AR gear is simple to work on, a very minimalist design and lay out, I would not fear their demise, that is the beauty of tube gear. Easy to understand circuits and ready parts supply.   
Ethernet opinions
Ethernet is Ethernet you’ll have zero gain if you use an expensive cable. As long as your cable is well made, not a cast away from a data center. You’re at as good as it gets. Ethernet packets don’t care what copper they run on, it’s basically 3 p...