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Wadia with or without a preamp ?
Yes, write me an e-mail and I will send you the settings. Or you might go to and contact them for the same question.In my system the 850 feeds into REVELS LE-1 (crossover-sub amp) which feeds the McIntosh valve amp MC 2000. In compar... 
What happened to the "Classic CD" mag?
Hi there,NO, they went bellyup! :-(((( I couldn't believe it! The issue before the final was full of future plans and stuff. Then a small line. I imidiately tried to contact the editor. Guess what: the day after - his e-mail wasn't working anymore... 
Wadia 830 vs. Wadia 3200 + 26
Hi Sebastian,ist ja witzig, daß man sich hier im AUDIOGON trifft!Nimm den 830. Ich selbst habe zwar einen größeren WADIA aber ich habe den 830 z.B. gegen den Mark Levinson gehört, und im Bezug auf die Musik, die Du hörst, ist er besser, obwohl er ... 
Levinson 31 transport - A good buy?
Depends on your other gear. I'd ALWAYS prefer a WADIA - even the 830 beat the ML in a ML / REVEL environment.