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is sensorineural hearing loss permanent?
Janos from "real world audio" (others are not real?)   is not a doctor although he wants people to think he know something. This leeds to the second problem. He started a youtube chanel as a Audio Guru ans ask people to donate money for him. Anyon... 
Buyer is claiming damage that was done by him!
 I had similar experience with Larry D. Moore, Ultra Fi.  but as a consumer  Although there are some positive feedbacks regarding him – which I had I relied on before ordering gears from him-Its turnout that hi is a cheater and others were hurt ... 
this is a Buyers market without buyersHi- End Audio market is not working, and things will shrink more and moreThere are no new audiophiles. Old audiophiles have enough gears that cost a lot, and nobody want to buy from themSo, who will want or ne... 
What makes you build a system around an amplifier?
Nori Komuro  SET 
What makes an expensive speaker expensive
  audiophiles and especially reviewers Put attention to the price – and if that speaker has a price tag of 100,000 they will be consider excellent and amazing sound  “Money makers”= manufactures, know that high price consider” best performance... 
Shiit yggdrasil
I had compared it to DDDAC 1794 NOS DAC, A Non Oversampling DAC and like it a lot more than the Schiit Yggdrasil which is also excellence  
10K$ Speakers for 845 SET amplification
musical affairs speakers 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
any amplifier that Built by Nori Komuro 
Why not horns?
Some of the very best loudspeakers I've ever heard and some of the worst –where hornsI had the opportunity to listen to the BD design swing horns both in RMAF 2008 and in Europe.This is simply a wonderful speakerOne of the best out there 
Playback Designs MPS-5 - Measerments v. Sound
hianyone try the PD Vs. Reimyo ?any comments? 
sme say that synergy has to deal with Impedance and gain you do the Impedance matchingand how to do the Gain matching?thanks