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Bump - I'm still hopeful that this shoot out is in process. Please, don't tell me you gave up the evaluation. 
Bump - any progress? 
Let's Talk Audio Companies
Are you looking for a retail store or a manufacturer? 
Old Flagship Vs New Mid-Level Receiver
Are you set on new? XT32 has been out for a few years so maybe a really nice used receiver would make your budget. There are also stores like Accessories4less that sell refurb units at good discounts and offer good warranties. I purchased my pre/p... 
Hi Peter,How goes the test? 
Thinking of moving from AVR to pre/pro and amp
I appreciate your goal and predicaments (W.A.F. and dimensions) I owned a set of the S2 B&W's for a long time and had a marantz sr7002 receiver. I took my wife speaker shopping with me. We went to Carolina Audio/ Ronnie's house and she was hoo... 
Upgrade AVP or separate preamp/DAC for 2 channel?
Have you had a Pro calibration of your onkyo? I believe K. Rubinson had very good results regarding sound quality after he did the Pro level calibration on his Integra (which I believe is functionally very similar to your onkyo). This avenue could... 
Requesting Thoughts and Ideas
Nice current system. I have been doing some very similar shopping but since I am a lousy typist here are a few thoughts to consider:Oppo 95/105 and let the oppo decode the hi rez codecs and send the signals to your Classe via rca. Marantz newest m... 
Flat Speakers next to Wall Mounted Screen
I forgot to mention one key aspect to the Carolina Audio speakers "placement". The speakers are transmission line and are designed to not have much interaction with nearby walls. This is an important consideration in most rooms since most speakers... 
Flat Speakers next to Wall Mounted Screen
Carolina Audio makes some flat floor standers that sound very, very good and W.A.F. is a plus. I'm using the SM3 but have my ears on a set of SM4 in the not so near future:) 
Panasonic "Smart" HT Question
I ran a radio shack optical cable from my panasonic G25 to my marantz receiver. I make sure to turn on the receiver first.I get stereo from my amazon and netflix accounts accessed through viera cast. 
Topnotch BluRay Concert.....
Roy Orbison has a wonderful blu ray. There are a good variety these days depending on your taste. If you just want demo material then the AIX set up/ test blu ray has some excellent performances. Next Tuesday I believe thre is a new Paul Simon con... 
3 preamps with transformer hum, DC on the line?
Hi Guys - I am having a DC hum on my cinepro 3K6mk2 amp. I cannot afford a $300 humbuster right now. I'm not an electrician but I do know my way with a soldering gun fairly well. I appreciate any and all advice - thanks.mark 
46" Plasma or LCD with the best picture.
Please take some time and visit the AVS forum on display technology. There is good knowledgeable advice to be had there. Pay close attention to the discussion of 120/240/600 hz and how that affects motion and display on LCD and plasma screens. 
Upgrading from a Classe CDP 300 and SSP 600
There are newer audio codecs than the ones Mezmo is thinking about. DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby Tru HD. Both of these are uncompressed codecs. You can do a few things to decode and hear the new formats 1) Oppo blu ray performs the decode and sig...