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Personal CD player evolution
Dates are estimated:1986 Sony single disk player (yuck)1989 Adcom GCD-5751996 Added Audio Alchemy DDE 3.0 DAC, DTI-Pro (wow)2000 Replaced Adcom with MicroMega T-Drive 2 transport2002 Replaced MicroMega with AA DDS-Pro transport (wow)2004 BAT VK-D5... 
Which iPod?
Amal, no I haven't compared the sound quality of the 20 vs 60 video. Probably have to buy or borrow to do that. 
Favorite Tube Speaker Match
I'm loving Piega P-10 and all tube BAT VK-75se, D5se, and 5i.I think the Piega's world class ribbons mate very well w/ the tubes. 
BAT's house sound
My progression over 6 years was 3i pre, 500 ss amp, D5se cdp, 5i pre, and recently 75se amp. Like Keith said, I progressed to all BAT and I'm loving it.House sound? I don't think so, but I haven't listened to the 60. I went to tubes after hearing ... 
Personal amp evolution
Updated:Sony receiverAdcom GFA 535 x2 (biamp, 60wpc ea)McCormack DNA-1BAT VK-500BAT VK-75se (tubes!) 
Which iPod?
The Nano is the coolest piece of hardware I've ever touched. But, lots of complaints about scratches on the Nano's screen, and 4gb just insn't enough space for high quality music. It's ok for low bitrate stuff, but if you use better phones you'll ... 
What is the best value you have encountered?
Bought a used McCormack DNA-1 for $800, used it extensively for 8 years, sold it fo $750. Or used Purist Audio Colossus I/C's & wire; sold for gain after almost 10 years of use. 
BAT vs Pass Labs Amp
I just got the vk-75se (which is supposed to have better bass than vk-75) and I have no experience with the Pass, so maybe this comment isn't relevant. Two major points about the 75se: astonishingly powerful bass (I unhooked the subwoofer and won'... 
BAT solid state or tube?
After 2 days of listening I observe the VK-75se has more "space" around each instrument; a bigger, way more open stage; better dynamics. Treble is brighter, but not etched. Everything has more substance - like turning the saturation up on a digita... 
Very Small Desktop Speakers
Maybe too tall at 19", but consider the Thiel PCS. http://thielaudio.com/THIEL_Site/Pages/models/Current_Models/pcs/pcsnws.html 
Best CD player for under $6000 used?
The BAT VK-D5se is an all-around great choice. It uses the "super tube" 6H30, which offers better extension on both ends and better dynamics. It is a very "natural" sounding player (palpable image, rock solid). And the used price is only half of y... 
Aurios 1.2 under Velodyne F1800X Sub ?
Seems to have made an improvement. Would you describe it as significant; more particularly, was it work $350? 
Personal amp evolution
Sony receiverAdcom GFA 535 x2 (biamp, 60wpc ea)McCormack DNA-1BAT VK-500 
BAT solid state or tube?
So, Tuboo, any comments on the rest of the system (Piega, Harmonic Tech?) 
BAT solid state or tube?
Mthieme, I infer you like the 200 better? Why the change?